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I loved La's Orchestra, it was my first read of 2009. I am enjoying the second Isabel Dalhousie at the moment - it's a great thing that he is such a prolific writer, there is always something to look forward to!


Thank you for the interview. It was a really nice surprise! :) Looking forward to reading more books by this writer.


Oh Karen, what a wonderful coup, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this interview, such an unexpected treat to enjoy with my coffee, I'm very glad I stopped by.


What a treat! I am especially fond of the Sunday Philosophy Club series, and have been following Corduroy Mansions in the online edition of the Telegraph. Thank you for this unexpected pleasure.

adele geras

Lovely to see this on here, Cornflower! What a very nice man AmCS is, and it shows in his work. But I still can't get my head round FOUR NOVELS A YEAR!!!

Deborah Lawrenson

Likewise, Adele - and 5,000 WORDS A DAY!!! If I ever achieved that, I'd be lying down in a darkened room the next day!

A prolific talent - and a lovely interview too.


How good to hear that our unfortunate linguist is making a comeback: he has been absent for too long!
Lovely interview - thank you


What a lovely surprise, and very apt as I am just finishing The Comfort of Saturdays. AMS is a bit like good chocolate: slips down a bit too quickly but leaves a lovely aftertaste. It's good to know there's more to look forward to. Well done you for setting this up.


Oh, Karen. I don't have words for the joy I felt reading this. The world is really a better place for having this man in it, whether or not he ever wrote a book. Thank you, thank you for this interview. I thought your questions were excellent and beautifully phrased. I begin to wonder if Edinburgh is a city of truly kind, nice people.

Susie Vereker

Interesting interview, Cornflower. But 5,000 words a day, written in a trance with no need for editing? Four books in only five or six months??? Phew. Potential novelists may be dismayed by this phenomenal output, but don't worry, this isn't normal. Many of us are glad to achieve 500 words a day (with revision!)


I love author interviews. Thanks so much for that, Karen.

Barbara MacLeod

Like Nan said - what a joy! And what a privilege!

If anyone asked me "Who is the (living) person with whom you would most like to have dinner?" this would be my choice!

Lisa W

What a lovely treat, Karen. I am currently reading The Comforts of a Muddy Saturday, and look forward to enjoying a cup of tea or two with Mma Ramotswe this winter. Like Barbara, I would also like to be sitting next to AMS at a dinner party!


Brilliant 'conversation' Karen, I'll look forward to more.

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