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Happens a lot to me - especially when you 'have' to read. Even though you like what you are reading it some how isn't enough. It happened at various points during my degrees and also when having to read books because I was going to teach them. It happens also when I feel I haven't reviewed enough on my blog and must 'catch-up'. When books become your job I think it is envitable that one gets a bit jaded now and again.

Cures? If my 'must do' reading is heavy, proper 'Literature' or (worse) literary theory then I read something light like crime or a much loved kids book or re-read a Georgette Heyer. If I take the time out to this then I read my heavy books much faster when I start up again. If the problem is caused by ploughing through light reading like crime or kids lit to review or teach then I take an evening off and watch a film. I think the trick is to downgrade the narrative functions you are expecting to brian to process for 24 hours - more if you can, but you probably can't because of the deadlines.

Hope you feel perkier soon, but I think it is normal and will pass once you get over the hump of dealines.


I am in such a lull right now too. I don't have a cure for you but just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I have put a hold on the J.L. Carr book and will pick it up at the library today. Perhaps I just need a slim read to get me back on track.


Reading lulls happen; part of the natural rythmns of life maybe? When a lull happens, reading or other, I think it is important to do something different, go with the flow a bit and wait for it to pass or for your mood to change to one where you can find the motivation to get back on track. I wonder if we all set such high expectations of ourselves, whether in work, parenting, reading, pastimes, sometimes we just have to let the schedule slip a bit and rediscover enthusiasm rather than expectation or duty. Enjoy the lull.

Dark Puss

Why on earth do you want an antidote? If you have other interesting things that are keeping you from wanting to read a great deal then so what? If the books are not "hitting the spot" then get other ones from the pile/library/bookseller of your choice. Of course if the books you need to read are for time-limited committments to other people then sadly the only remedy is to grit your teeth and get on with it!


Ah, but you've missed the point! (Or have you got another sharp point, e.g. thorn, in your paw, for you sound awfully cross, dear cat!)

Simon S

I agree with Juxtabook whole heartledly. I too read some books for work and while I love my job, I also sometimes feel my book readings are some what forced on occasion. So I alway have a break with a guilty pleasure something light and loveable (M.C Beaton) or something action packed that will just make me turn pages (Tess Gerritsen.

I also find if I have a lull I head for shorter fiction! Sorry to hear about your slip!


I am having the same problem at the moment--sort of. I am trying to finish three books (of my choice) for a library reading program and nothing I pick up seems to hit the spot. I'm sure it's in part as I know I need to finish them by the end of the month. I think I've settled on two, but the third is eluding me. I'm now trying Ferney. I've managed to waste nearly an entire afternoon of free time on my dithering. Maybe I should put in a movie instead and work on my needlework!


I have a to be read pile three foot high and three foot wide and yesterday I knew I could not face reading any of them. There is a simply superb collection there but my mind would not take any of them in. And my solution when this happens is to pull down a relaxing, old favourite, a book you know so well you can just sink into. I have just read your post after writing over on Random of exactly the same feeling. My solution was Winter Solstic by Rosamund Pilcher which I love and rad for the umpteenth time. After that, I then turned to a book I needed to read for review and got straight into it. Sometimes the mind just needs to take a break.

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