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Margaret Powling

You are not alone! I have never read Heyer, either, although I enjoyed the biography of her by Joan Aiken Hodge. Elaine over at Random Jottings once sent me a spare copy she had of a Heyer and I only managed a couple of chapters. I simply can't get into that Regency period, all coaches, horsemen, tight breeches, devilishly handsome chaps, and gels in muslin and bonnets. But I will give A Civil Contract a 'try'. I don't have a copy so must shell out on something which comes without the guarantee of enjoyment (unlike a new Katharine McMahon or Jacqueline Winsprear.)


As a dyed-in-the-wool Heyer addict I'm delighted, and I hope that there will be some converts by May.


I've also just read the Aiken Hodge biography of Georgette--only recently having discovered her books. I've read a handful now (am currently working on The Talisman Ring). You needn't worry--none of her novels are boddice-rppiers--GH would be aghast at the idea! :) She was indeed very meticulous in her research, and her characters are always very chaste and proper. I think she disdained the label romance writer and considered her novels more social comedies, and when it really came down to it preferred to write serious historical novels (but the 'romance' sold well and paid the bills!). Her novels are finally being reissued here in the US, so I'll have to see if this one has been published yet.


Hurrah, a wonderful excuse to read it again. Maybe right now! I have an old hardback edition but I do admire the styling of the recent Arrow paperbacks.


Ooh, how exciting. A Civil Contract is one of my favourite Heyers, so I shall be interested to see what you and everyone else (especially your male readers) make of it. You know, I am sure, that Stephen Fry is a huge Heyer fan. Maybe he could be tempted to join the Cornflower Book Group?!


You can probably pick up a second hand copy very cheaply. Try eBay?

Mary McCartney

Duly ordered and on its way. GH wrote some dectective fiction as well as the romantic fiction more often associated with her. Those books seem to be more difficult to track down.


I should love to join for this being another Heyer fan. A Civil Contract is I think an excellent choice, and I shall enjoy the re-read no end.


Gadzooks, Lady Karen! Not a whit to choose between Miss Heyer and Miss Austen, my sister tells me, though what a girl wants with stuffing her pretty little head with books I'll never know! Now, my pretty miss, would you view the rose garden with me after supper, and let the moon light up your eyes? And will Lord Cornflower perhaps oblige me with the name of his tailor - that seven-caped riding coat is as damned near perfection as ever I saw.


Or more seriously, my mother read these intensely when I was a teenager, and I read them too - enjoying the history and the histrionics. I don't think I can bear to read Heyer again (but I might try if I can sneak it out of the library without being recognised) - though she also wrote detective novels, a little stilted and too much in thrall to the grand manner, but entertaining enough on a wet evening.


Yes, they haven't been reprinted nearly so often though they are currently coming out in a new edition. They don't hold up terribly well as detective stories, so I wouldn't read them for the plot. But they do have Heyer's characteristically delightful prose and pointed characterisation.


Why, Lord Lindsay, you render me almost speechless!


Ooh, I haven't read any Heyer, but I just recently got an old copy of A Civil Contract from Bookmooch and just haven't gotten around to it yet. I'll try to move it up on my list and join in the conversation in May.


I last read a Heyer novel when I was 15 and in bed with 'flu at school, it helped a lot! Since then, I confess, I have been a tad snooty about them, but, it seems that I might be missing something, I will try again and maybe recover that jaunty 15 year old feeling!
Congratulations, I think you were brave choosing it, maybe expecting some negative comments.


Call Callay o frabjous day she chortled in her joy!!

Thank you for picking A Civil Contract. It is not so fluffy as her others and when I first read it as a teenager I was slightly disappointed but now I love it and it is my favourite.

Oh I am going to enjoy this.............


Can I chortle along side Elaine please? Wonderful choice! Must have read it about five times and it gets better with each read.

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