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Cornflower book group

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Art by Karena

With my work hours I am not able to attend my wonderful book club meetings, so here I am!!




Toward the end of the Muddy Saturday Isabel Dalhousie book, she muses about the idea of setting up a café where philosophical discussions would be the norm at the tables. Since she's in Edinburgh and you're in the UK, I think you should get together with Alexander McCall-Smith and open it! I'll quit my job and join you! Perhaps one branch in Edinburgh or Glasgow and one in London?

Susan in TX

Just wondering how far out you know what books are coming? I see the January pick in the sidebar, but do you know February's pick yet? I can't do the Jan. book with you as it apparently isn't in the states yet, and by the time I got it from the UK, you would've had your discussion. I would love to give this a go, though.
Thank you,
Susan in TX

Natalie Y Young

Dear Cornflower Book group
I see that you have my novel, We All Ran Into the Sunlight on the page here. I hope you enjoy it. It was fun to write and kept me company for a few years. Do let me know if I can add to the dicussion in any way. And if you have any questions please feel free to email me at [email protected]. I am also on facebook.
Thanks so much


Thankyou so much for getting in touch, Natalie.
Just to clarify, your book is in my tbr pile (part of which is the 'Arrivals' list, as you've seen) but not as a group read; it will be one I'll be reading myself and writing about here - soon, I hope!
I'm very much looking forward to it, and appreciate your availability for questions.

Isabel Hinther

Well, when I read the last paragraph, I knew I'd want to join. All Passion Spent and The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie are two of my favourite books.
Right now, I'm reading 'Goodbye to All That' by Robert Graves and have 'Childhood, Boyhood, Youth' by Leo Tolstoy, waiting in the wings.
Irène Némirovsky's books are wonderful, and I see so many on your page that I enjoy (barring Alexander McCall Smith, but we can't agree with everything!).
Looking forward to future discussions.

Christine Harris

Your website is my bedtime inspiration: ideas for reading, websites to consult, pictures of flowers and gardens, paintings and cakes. And now I'm learning to knit socks. It's only a step to joining you at the next book group meeting, with tea and one of your interesting cakes. So good Christmas wishes to you all from the Calvados, and 'see' you in January

Christine Harris

On further exploration, I find that I'm too late. What a shame. However, I shall continue to enjoy the blog, and wish everybody good reading.


Thank you so much for your kind words, Christine, and all the best to you!

Gill K

How do we find out the 'set day' for meeting please?

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