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Cornflower book group

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Those both look interesting, can't wait to join you.

adele geras

Thanks so much, Cornflower. Norm, who's on a road trip in the USA will be delighted to see this. I'm nearly finished it and am loving every minute. As for the Grossmith, that's going to be fun too. I read it ages ago and though it was terrific. Will be good to revisit.


Fabulous choices. Would love to join in. Is it too late to join for Shropshire Lad too? My copy is meant to be arriving on Monday (fingers crossed)... K x


What a great choice for December. Very easy to read in the run up to Christmas One of my all time favourites, introduced to me by my mother a million years ago. November's choice looks very interesting. You have whizzed through Wolf Hall!


Hooray! A successful mail delivery! I can't wait to start Diary of a Nobody so I'm going to get cracking today. Will definitely be interested to read what others have to say about the book in December though. Lovely choice.


I am looking in to say I hope you have read "Mrs. Pooter's Diary" by Keith Waterhouse? It catches the tone perfectly and gives the other side of the story!

Mary McCartney

The Wallace Stegner has been requested from the library and is 'in transit' apparently. Diary of a Nobody is on the landing since I bought it earlier this year - note the topical reference! THAT arrived this morning and I've been longing to read it all day but have been too busy. So that'll be the ironing put off for another evening.


I think Diary of a Nobody is a tremendous choice for December, I shall enjoy it immensely. I don't know anything about the other book, but it certainly sounds interesting.


I'm still working on The Tortoise and the Hare--Ack! :) I'd love to read both books. I've got the Stegner and could probably borrow Diary of a we'll see what I can manage. So many good books to read...


Not too late at all!

Christina Stephen

This is a new discovery for me! Although I do have a rather large to-read pile in front and to each side of me, I will get onto these two soonest. Very glad I stumbled upon you.


I didn't know about that one, Erika - thankyou!


Crossing to Safety takes place in Madison where I live. I read it when it came out and liked it, but alas can't remember a thing about it now!

Delyn Williams

Two books that have been on my TBR list for ages.The Stegner I bought years ago and haven't got round to reading it yet, and the ''Diary of a Nobody'' is one of my husband's favourites. Now I'll have to read them - with pleasure, I hope!

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