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That looks like a great one to read. I always enjoy knowing what other people's favourite books are.

Dark Puss

I am going to disagree with your last statement "every minute of reading time is an opportunity not to be wasted." Well I'm not going to disagree with it because I don't doubt for one second that you have written something which is true, however I am going to put forward an alternative viewpoint. I like you, and I should think every reader of this weblog, have a very busy life and many interests in which we are passionately involved or would wish to be passionately involved. Thus the logic is completely on your side. My heart (I know, it rarely escapes from the cellars of Dark Puss Manor) occasionally says completely the opposite - do waste some time, relax a little, don't take everything so seriously. So sometimes I do "waste time". I read books I "know" I won't like, I listen to music, often from the romantic period, when I would be "better off" seriously listening to Bach or Handel or Gaubert. Sometimes I search the web for things so trivial and inconsequential it would amaze you. I think I am the better for wasting my time, as long as I don't waste too much of it. It is liberating and luxurious at the same time.

Just putting an alternative voice for you to think about.

Dark Puss

Your wish commands an answer, here are five of mine:

"Ripening Seed" by Colette
"Small World" by David Lodge
"The Periodic Table" by Primo Levi
"Kafka on the Shore" by Haruki Murakami
"A Confederacy of Dunces" by J K Toole


Luckily for us, Susan Hill does give us a 40th book (and mentions the mistake of listing the same book twice) and promises more on her new book blog here:

So I'll have to start with this one while I impatiently await my pre-ordered copy of Howards End Is on the Landing from TBD!


Thankyou so much, Erika!

adele geras

I'm in the midst of reading this, Cornflower and feel exactly as you do! I wish I could have her here in front of me but this is the next best thing. A real treat in every way, even when you find yourself disagreeing with her opinion. Her two and half pages on Dickens ought to be printed out and hung up somewhere, they capture his magic so brilliantly....I LOVE this book and it would make a perfect Christmas present, too.

Bloomsbury Bell

I really want to read this and your post has whetted my appetite even more!

Simon S

I agree with you that this is definately one for the bedside table. I was expecting it to be a book that I couldn't put down and would read all in one. I just coudn't it was too filled with idea's and too rich it sent me buzzing with book thoughts and so I read it in bits... delightful.

Simon T

Isn't it wonderful? It's nice to have a go-to book that any book-lover will definitely like. I think this will given as a present a lot this year... though the more people that talk about it, the less I feel it qualifies for my Books You May Not Have Heard About list...!

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