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Margaret Powling

Happy Hogmanay, Cornflower (well, for tomorrow). Apropose of books in general, easily the one I have enjoyed the most this year is Michael Cox's The Meaning of Night. Sadly, Michael Cox died ealier this year but there is a sequel to The Meaning of Night for us to enjoy. I think this book would make a wonderful TV drama, I just hope programme makers think so, too! From the word go I loved this book and it kept me enthralled until the last page and as it was just shy of 600 of them, that's the best recommendation I can give.

Dark Puss

"I think music is what language once aspired to be."

I think surely the other way about? Language I think (no expertise here, please criticize) would first develop for very concrete reasons, where food is, where water, danger, other tribes are etc. Modern languages have then evolved to allow highly abstract thoughts to be expressed which is what I think is done so perfectly by music (assuming it expresses anything other than itself).

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