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Dark Puss

They don't appeal much to me dear Cornflower! I particularly do not like the design of the Angelica Garnett which has a clash between the typeface and the motif which is the the detriment of both. It also has an horrible gap between the second "t" in "Truth" and the "h" - why such an infelicity on the title page?

A bit of Jan Tschichold's influence would not come amiss here.

I hope the books are better than their cover art.


Surely you agree they are better than headless women and the like? Anyway, no gap as such between the 't' and the 'h', it's the elongated and curved bar of the former which pushes the latter a bit to the right.

Dark Puss

Different from the headless women I agree, but better I am not completely convinced!

The "gap" I refer to is indeed the elongated bar of the letter t (I took the care to look at your "pop-up") and it is completely wrong to use that in the middle of a word; it would work reasonably well as the last letter of a word, and indeed was often seen as such in earlier printed books as it mimics graphical conventions used in handwriting. It looks absolutely horrible in this context.

Dark Puss

For a decent titling typeface for the Garnett book, how about the lovely ITC Golden Cockerill Titling? No nasty l.c. "t" with ludicrously extended cross bar in this typeface. Designed by Eric Gill for the Golden Cockerill Press you can read here a little more about the original typeface.


Do you think maybe this might be a Persephone influence?

Simon T

I love the Garnett cover - and the content as well!
But have a look at the cover for More Talk on Jane Austen - - similar sort of thing happening back in 1950 (and, so far, content equally lovely too!)

Simon T

Oh, and have you read The Unspoken Truth? I'd love to know what you think. (Now I'll probably find that you have blogged about it, and I've commented on the post!)

Dark Puss

Simon, clearly you are on Cornflower's wavelength much more than I am with regard to cover art. Do you not find that awful t in "Truth" completely wrong? Even the ligatured tt is fairly nasty!

Wrong typeface ...

I'll admit to not liking this general style of cover art but my criticism here is primarily typographical.

Simon T

I do agree with you over that 't' in 'Truth' (although have to confess that I didn't notice it on my copy until you mentioned it) but love the rest of it so much that I can forgive that injudicious bit!

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