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Dark Puss

You missed out the punchline, what was the book you bought?

Glad the shop lived up to expectations.

Simon (Savidge Reads)

Wow thats an absolutely beautiful shop! I do wish there were more and more bookshops like this. I wonder if this is the direction Waterstones will go if they do try and become a local bookstore again (unlikely)?

Thomas Ogilvie

Glad you enjoyed it!

It's even more difficult working there full-time; my own pile of books is gargantuan, and my appetite for coffee and cake still strong despite many attempts to reach my limit!

Hope you can make it back soon.

Thomas (Bookseller/Barista at Mainstreet Trading)


Thankyou, Thomas, I shall be back as soon as I can, and the coffee was perfect, by the way!

Dark Puss

I'd love to see your shop too (though my iron will will probably not let me buy any books) and I also like coffee and cake. If only you were still connected by rail.

desperate reader

I love this bookshop, and make a pilgrimage to it whenever I'm in the Borders. There's a good one in Melrose as well but it doesn't have the excellent cafe. And what did you buy?


Because I can't resist a pun I'm afraid I have to comment that this looks a much-better-than-Borders bookshop in the Borders! Looks lovely, wish I lived nearer

Mr Cornflower

Dark Puss, we're told that three consortiums (consortia?)have put in tenders to build the Borders railway which will reconnect Edinburgh and Melrose, which is a few miles away. If all goes according to plan - and, looking at Edinburgh's tram project, what could possibly go wrong? - it will be running by 2014.

Dark Puss

I do hope so, but running by 2014? That would be impressive! Even in Geneva the new (well to be correct it's a replacement) tram from Cornavin to CERN has taken a few years now and they are pretty good at that sort of infrastructure project. Book me a ticket on the 09:15 in September 2014 please!

Simon T

Although I can't judge the stock from this distance, it's certainly beautifully laid out and looks lovely!


This is amazing to have such a large bookshop in a village - never mind an independent one. And a cafe too - my dream.


Oh I do envy you that book shop! We have nothing like it near us - the closest would seem to be in York nearly 20 miles away.

Nancy B. T.

Another envious person here! Lovely, lovely bookshop. I'm very lucky to live in an area overflowing with bookshops and would still love to visit that one.

The Vicar's Wife

Ooo ooo. We've been there - it's so lovely. It's very near my husband's hometown. It's going to be a regular visiting Granny treat from now on. No independent bookstores near us here in the inner city, sadly.

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