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Dark Puss

Dark Matter not out yet? NASA begs to differ. The fantastic Chandra X-ray mission has come up with some pretty convincing evidence for it. There is a good introduction to Dark Matter and how we might observe its effects here.


Just to 'tease the cat' a bit more, the main character in the book is a physicist ...

Dark Puss

Blurbs - I can't say I read them, at least not intentionally. Too often taken out of context from other articles and in many cases "pushing" some aspect of a book that doesn't interest me. I never let them conciously affect my decision to read a book, or vice versa. Thank you for the link to an interesting post from Spackman.

Dark Puss

Oh! Is she a clever sexy one like me?


How interesting and I see that he picked out Chris Cleave's The Other Hand as a fine example. Can't argue with the salesfigures, of course ... it obviously worked this time ... but I wonder how many of those readers, having fallen for the overblown hype on this bookjacket, will bother buying Cleave's next book? If you look at the Amazon reviews there's a strong sense of readers feeling they were conned!
The trouble with personal appeals to buy this book, it's so special - and the titlepage, if remember rightly was particularly sick-making with its "Dear reader, you don't know me ..." appeal from the publisher ... is that we buy the book with heightened expectations. I don't suppose I was their target audience - I read it reluctantly for a book group and it was easily the worst book that I read Iast year. (Publisher: please feel to quote me!) But it was the hype on the jacket that makes it stick in my mind, not as a book that I didn't much enjoy, but as an author I wouldn't touch again with a bargepole! Instead of the usual vague disappointment at not enjoying a book, I felt manipulated - and conned.
Hadn't twigged, though, that the back and white covers of Wolf Hall were male and female versions. I got this from the library, so perhaps my opinion doesn't count ... but I felt more drawn to the black cover. And I'm female.


Sorry, I meant black and white covers of Wolf Hall. And please excuse other typos. Funny how they stand out so clearly - as soon as you've posted!

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