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I agree - this was extremely intense, but I found it an unpleasant read ultimately

Dark Puss

Sounds interesting! I'll see if any of my libraries have it. I note that DGR shared your enthusiasm for it.

I see Nicholas Lezard concluded his Guardian review with this sentence. "When you think of the rather more unadventurous stuff that does well over here and compare it with Beside the Sea, you despair."

I'm motivated to read this book.

Alison M

I'm afraid this one left a bad taste in my mouth. I really didn't like it.


I know exactly what you mean, Alison.

Dark Puss

But you are still giving it a strong recommendation or have I misunderstood your review?


Very strong recommendation - it's extremely accomplished - but for those who like their reading on the 'pleasant' side (vast generalisation, of course), this will not appeal.

Simon T

It is very striking, isn't it?

adele geras

I read reviews of this when it came out first and I feel what happens is rather obvious from all of them. I will give it a go on your say so, Cornflower but I'm not rushing particularly as I got David Mitchell from the library on a quite short loan and will have to read that next, I feel. After your recommendation, again.


Sounds interesting and I have a sub-interest in books that take place in a single day. Actually, might make an interesting blog post round-up...

Dark Puss

Skip, have you read Murakami's After Dark? This takes place over the course of a single night and is one the best of his recent works. There is an excellently written review by Walter Kirn if you are not already familiar with it.


Read it at the weekend, not quite at a sitting as I got to a point when I felt that I really needed a break from the awful feeling of knowing that something awful is going to happen.
It is certainly an impressive and compelling book but if I had to say whether I had enjoyed it I would have to say no although I am glad that I read it.


That sums it up well.

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