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Simon T

I've loved all the responses to this so far, and yours is perhaps my favourite! Lovely painting, and great reasoning behind it.



Dark Puss

My response to Simon's challenge is available over at my website.

Diana Birchall

Love it, too. And I've actually been to Eigg - but never knew about this lovely picture until now! I've interpreted Simon's challenge on my blog as "My Ten Best Places to Read," a lifetime list.


Lovely picture - Virago used it for a cover that sums up my reading taste exactly, The Sleeping Beauty by Elizabeth Taylor.


I didn't know that, but what a lovely cover it must make, and one I would pick up straightaway (regardless of title, author, etc.).


A great interpretation!

claire (kiss a cloud)

Lovely. I do think this reflects your reading, so perfectly suits you! Especially how you explained it. :)

Desperate Reader

That's another lovely picture - I'm really enjoying the responses to Simon's challange. I love the sense of promise and adventure in your Nicholson along with the hint of tea and scones when your ready to go back inside. I too would buy a book just for that cover. My picture is at


Oh, beautiful! I love the softness and colour in the clouds. Mine is here.


I am so enjoying seeing all these pictures and reading what's behind them!

Barbara MacLeod

I had a go and it is here:

Hannah Stoneham

This is a lovely icture - it is full of possibilities.

Thanks for sharing - what a fun challenge this is!


Lizzy Siddal

Beautiful picture and thoughtful explanation.

Simon T's challenge has been one of the great pleasures of this blogging year and after a week's thought I finally posted my response yesterday.

Dancing Beastie

Ahh, one of my favourite paintings. I loved it years before I knew anything about the artist. Finally saw it at that exhibition in Edinburgh a few years back: my husband had to drag me away from it. Delighted to have found Cornflower Books while really looking for W. Nicholson. I have linked - hope that's OK?


Delighted you've found us! (I so enjoyed that exhibition).

Jane H

I loved your choice of painting - I've kept it from a greeting card for years - like the colours and textures and airiness. I like your interpretation of how it conveys your book life. Also the quote - like an optimistic version of Harry's Potter's archway to the dead!

I will have a think of a painting for my reading and let you know.

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