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Sarah Salway

You have tempted me to read again. Thank you x


I haven't read this for donkey's years and now wish I could!

Julie Fredericksen

I re-read TKAM last week. I thought I remembered every last nuance of the plot but discovered I had forgotten that powerful moment when Scout drops her tomboy ways to help her aunt graciously serve tea during a time of crisis.

Like you, Karen, I was totally engrossed in the story, all the while knowing what was going to happen. The recounting of the long walk home from the high school was just as harrowing as the first time I read it.

Here's what I wrote about TKAM on my book blog:


I have just had to replace my original copy of TKAM dating back to the 70's because it was in imminent danger of falling apart having been passed around my family for years.
Your post has made me want to give the new copy its inaugural reading as soon as possible. Thank you.

Simon T

Isn't it good? I thought the father/daughter relationship was drawn so beautifully - for me, that is the central piece of the novel. Before I read it, I thought it was all about the trial - but that really forms quite a small part in a portrait of their life. (And proves that lawyers can be nice ;-))

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