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Aw, did he say that, how lovely! Decaff for me and I've just made myself at home Karen but have to dash in a min because someone who reads my blog is 'really' coming to visit this afternoon and it's a shambles of books and building work. But what a complete pleasure it all is to do, as we agreed when we met, and I feel I have made some wonderful friends as a result...I'm now reading Stoner by John Williams WOW!


PS I think we even work off the same make of laptop, though I have stopped short of the vase of flowers on mine:-)


Stoner is superb and both G. and I greatly enjoyed it, so thankyou again, Lynne! It's now been passed on as instructed.


Flowers and mug usually beside the laptop rather than on it, but the desk is so cluttered (in an orderly way, of course, with lots of books, knitting and various 'objets') that a wider shot might have been a bit shaming!


It does feel that way: 'a friendly place to come for a bookish chat'; or to just quietly enjoy.

Account Deleted

I really enjoy reading your blog, I think it feels welcoming and I have found out about some really good books too!

Pauline Barclay

Would love that cup of coffee and whilst I'm drinking it will take a peek at the books...! It's a great place to come and meander around. Books are great coffee delicious,atmosphere wonderful and friendly thanks for the invite, will be back again soon.....byeee! x


I'm like you, really enjoy blogging, talking to everyone and reading all your great reviews.
I may not review as often as I would like, but it is just for my own enjoyment and not a chore to be done by a certain time.
I stop by quite often for a browse and virtual chat, even if I don't always leave comment, next time I'll stay for coffee.
Oh! by the way, if we are comparing TBR piles, you should see my mountain!!


Hello Karen, your blog is very welcoming and I enjoy reading it very much! So thank you for taking the time and sharing your thoughts about books and food and needlework with us :-)

Cheers, Claudia.

Dark Puss

I do know the size of your tbr pile!

As one of the most contentious, combatative and downright "catty" contributors may I thank you, and the more civilized Cornflower contributors, for putting up with me. I'll try to keep my claws a little more sheathed from now on.

You know, and DGR and others may amazed, that I have TWO books in my tbr pile! Many thanks DGR for lending me, via Karen, one of them!

Coffee and a Book Chick

So excited to read such wonderful descriptions of your blog! I enjoy visiting as well, and I would love to have my coffee refilled as well! :) It's always a pleasure to stop on by and read your reviews and thoughts!


I often stop by and have my morning coffee with you(as I'm doing now). You make me feel very welcome. Thank you.

Margaret Powling

Ah, but ... who's baking the cake for this virtual party? I'd love a lemon drizzle cake with the coffee, milk no sugar, please, whilst I have a browse.
Seriously, yours was the first blog I looked at. Sent to it when I was searching for something quite different (although I can't remember what it was!) on the internet and had a look-see and was hooked! A very welcoming and 'homely' site.
PS I always try and have flowers near to or on my desk, an 'antidote' to all the technology! (For desk read wall-to-wall bench which has twin computers for husband and myself - we share a study and yes, this does work!)


I agree about the flowers Margaret, I've become very partial to a weekly bunch of freesias
by my desk , something so positive about the scent while I'm working . And glad to hear I have contributed in some small way to the DP bookshelves... Happy Birthday when it arrives DP:-)

adele geras

What a lovely way to start the day: decaff for me, like Dove Grey, please and just this once I'll have a bit of whatever cake is going. Lemon drizzle is just great. This is one of my very favourite blogs and I read it every day. I like the friendliness of course but also the VARIETY! And the visuals are stunning. Good on you, Cornflower!Must now look up STONER of which I'd never heard....


Stoner post here, Adele:

Mark Thwaite

Hi everyone, hiya Karen,

So thrilled you were pleased with my comment about your blog. Warm and welcoming it always is and I was very happy to be able to direct my new Quercus blog readers your way (and to the lovely Lynne too -- how are you DGR!?)

Actually, your readers might be able to do me a wee favour. As some of you know I've been blogging with my ReadySteadyBook hat for a long time now, but I've only just got a (fab) job in publishing proper. So, I'm *really* keen to know what blog-readers are looking for a in PUBLISHER blog...

What you offer here, Karen, is a bit different to what I do on ReadySteadyBook, but both are places to talk about any old book -- a publisher blog has to be a bit different, I think, but I'm still finding my feet with regards to just how different and in what way.

You've already added to the debate (here: but would love comments from some of your readers...

very best regards, thanks so much for listening,


digital manager quercus books

Margaret Powling

First to Dove Grey ... I love the scent of freesias, they were my late mother's favourite flowers. Year ago, when I was a child, and my parents had a shop, a customer would call regularly in the summer and bring in an armful - yes, an armful - of long-stemmed freesias that she had grown in her greenhouse and give them to my mother. The scent pervaded the house and it was wonderful and now I only have to sniff a freesia and I'm back in the 1950s ... oh, dear, that's giving away my age! Furthermore, as well as orchids, I had freesias in my wedding bouquet. It's a scent that doesn't cloy, as hyacinths do, after a while, and it's not sickly, like the scent of lilies.

To Mark, is there any reason to change? If your blog ain't broken, then don't fix it! Seriously, all I want from a publisher is honesty ... I don't want chick-lit hyped as if it were high-class literature but what I do want are intersting books that are not so highbrow they give me a headache!
Margaret P

Mark Thwaite

Hiya Margaret,

Just to clarify, my own blog (ReadySteadyBook) will remain keepin' on keepin' on (even though, just at the moment, it is on holiday and getting a new engine!)

But my new job entails me writing a new blog with a new hat on!

The Quercus Blog ( is the blog I've developed (and am writing) for Quercus Books so I was just wondering what folk expect to see on publisher's blog (and, indeed, which publisher blogs out there they think are the best).

Hope that clarifies...

all best



I think Mark was spot on with what he said. I always enjoy my visits here and at DGR and come with paper and pen in hand as I peruse your sidebars and reviews. I think our reading tastes overlap so I am sure you will always steer me well when it comes to book reviews. As for publisher blogs I'm not sure I read very many--happen by them from time to time, but what I like the best is when I get some sort of inside view of how things work on their end. I do think the Penguin blog is done well--like the personal bit and photos and I also do read the Nebraska Press blog though it is more straightforward books they publish. I'll be curious to see what you come up with Mark--it sounds exciting.

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