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William Rycroft

I've read the Larsen and found it to be charming as well as a lovely object with all those illustrations. It could maybe have done with a tiny edit but if you fall for those early pages there's a good chance you won't want it to end.

Coffee and a Book Chick

I do the same thing while at the store, but sometimes (if it's a book I really liked), I will go ahead and tell someone that the book they have in their hands is incredible!

So did the bookseller move the The Morville Hours to a different section? Inquiring minds must know! :)

Thomas at My Porch

My husband, who only reads gardening books, loves The Moreville Hours. He is positively evangelical about it.

Linda C.

I loved The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet. It's a bit quirky, but nonetheless fascinating story of a boy/artist.

Dark Puss

Does it take that much nerve? I've certtainly given my opinion to strangers on occasion and nothing bad has happened to me yet!

Can I assume that you have reduced your tbr pile to zero if you are contemplating buying more books?



Yes, she did! I've discovered other examples of mis-shelving in that shop, and their computer says they have a copy of a book but it's not where it's supposed to be, so I hope my quiet word may help some other customer.


I loved it, Thomas (and I've heard KS give a talk on it, too)!


You might think that, Dark Puss; I couldn't possibly comment.


I have the Reif Larsen book, and so look forward to reading it.


I haven't come across any of those and they all sound interesting. I managed to find the Shirley McKay book in the library catalogue (though on past experience that is no guarantee that the book will actually materialise).


Thanks for the link to your post, William - very interesting.


One of the good things about working in a book shop, as I briefly did, was that I could comment on books that customers were looking at and by and large they were receptive.
As a 'civilian', I have learned to resist the temptation! As for books being misplaced on shelves - I simply move them myself as mentioning it to the staff seems to result in blank looks.

I got Hue and Cry from the library and really enjoyed the first five or six chapters but got a bit stuck after that and eventually gave up. My reading notes from it suggest that I would have found a glossary of dialect and historical terms useful.

The other two books look fascinating though so I must see if the library has them.

Simon T

I have the Royle waiting to be read - which it will be, before too long... I have read his enormous theory book 'The Uncanny' and it was so bizarre, I am both excited and cautious about how a novel would fare in his hands...

Coffee and a Book Chick

Perfect!! Every little bit helps!! I hate not finding a book in the section where I know it's supposed to be!!

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