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I enjoyed the first, but haven't read either of the others so will have to look out for those. A romance is always good for this time of year.


I have heard many good things about Tapestry of Love. I think I'll have to look out for that one.


I really enjoyed The Tapestry of Love and have the Deborah harkness awaiting my attention

Diane Meier

I am truly delighted to have been included in your favorites!

The Season of Second Chances is, after all, a book about a woman who experiences a profound and positive change in her life over a single year -- and in many ways, most of that growth happens over one winter. How appropriate to have the book appreciated and read through such a season.

Many many thanks to you - and an invitation to hear from all of your followers and friends,
Diane Meier


I've already got Rosie Thornton's book on my list but now I will have to go back and read your reviews of the other two!

Rosy Thornton

I'm also so delighted to be in your list, and in such good company. Many thanks!

Phillipa Ashley

Hi, I'm so glad you liked Tapestry of Love as much as I did. Such a subtle, atmospheric and nuanced book.


Enjoyed Tapestry of Love. It has only just arrived here. Are the other 2 new publication because can't find them in shops either. Love your blog.Thank you and Christmas Greeting from NZ.

Julie Fredericksen

We are much alike in this category. I have read The Season of Second Chances and have the other two on my wish list with hopes of getting an amazon gift certificate. The blurb for The Tapestry of Love says it ships in 1 to 3 months!!!

PS - With regard to your other post, am still waiting to find Corrag!

Deborah Harkness

Many thanks for including me in your list. So glad you enjoyed Discovery of Witches . I'm looking forward to reading Diane's book since I thought so highly of Rosy's!

Colleen (Books in the City)

I read and enjoyed Season of Second Chances this year too. I have Tapestry of Love on deck for a read during the holidays! Glad to hear it comes so highly recommended by you!


I adored Tapestry of Love and am hoping to get my paws on copies of the other two as soon as I can bearing in mind that with restricted finances, I have to wait until either the library gets them in or they come out in paperback whichever comes first!

Margaret Powling

Not only to Cornflower but also to Rosie and Diana Meier: I loved Tapestry and Season, too! Top of my fiction list for 2010!

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