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Oh yes, please. This one is way up on my wish list. Nearly every "Best of 2010" that I read included this book. I also have very faith in Mr. C's judgement!


Very interested in this book, so I'd love to be entered into the drawing.


I've heard great things about this, and just love the title. Fingers crossed!

William Rycroft

Yes please. I bought this as a gift for someone and almost couldn't hand it over - you know that thing of buying someone a gift you really want for yourself.


Please enter me for the draw!


This has been on my wish list for yonks. Pleas may I be entered for the draw?


I would be very interested in a copy of 'The Hare with Amber Eyes', please.

Susan in TX

With that level of recommendation from Mr. C, I feel like I must put my name in the hat. :)


The reviews I've read about this book make it a winner. The research which must have been done to chart the story is a recommendation in itself. I'd love to read it.


I'd love to take part in this draw. Thank you for making it possible!


With some reluctance, hidden I hope, I gave a copy of this to my sister for her birthday in December and the knowledge that I was giving a present I would gladly have received myself did little to encourage! She was enthralled but has yet to offer to lend it to me... so I'd dearly love to have my own copy. Thanks for the chance!


Ooh yes - I am longing to read this and would love to be entered in the draw, please.


please enter my name,would love to read this book!!


Please could I enter the draw too. I'd love to read this book.

Carol Norton

Oh yes please, I'd love to win this.

Fran H-B

Yes please, I'd love to be entered in the draw. This book has been enticing me from bookshop shelves and other book blogs. I'd love to read it.


Hi Karen,

I'd like to take part in this draw.... I'm a "silent reader" who's been enjoying your blogs for over a year, now finally coming out in the sun :-)
Best wishes for the new year,


Thankyou, Miriana. You're very welcome, silent or otherwise!

Dark Puss

I'm a very noisy contributor who posts comments far more than is good for him or your weblog! I have yet to win any of these give aways and almost certainly don't deserve to either!



Hi there
New to the bookclub,found out about you all from the bookcafe on Radio Scotland.I would be interested in taking part in the draw.
best wishes

Marina McIntire

Yes, please! That sounds like a wonderful book!


This is on my 'wish list' of books I hope to read this year, don't have much time to indulge these days with a 2 year old keeping me busy so each book I read has to be a good un. I would be so chuffed to win it :-)


And you're always welcome too, DP, whether miaowing or purring contentedly.


Wonderful, Ken! Glad you've found us.


I'd love to be considered too, I think it will win the Costa this one, Mr Cornflower has good taste


Yes please. Mr. C. does have very good taste. Would love to read this.


Please count me in the draw Cornflower. Thanks


Yes, thank you, and please enter me in the drawing. I love memoirs - haven't read a family memoir yet.

Gondal girl

pleas add me too - love your blog


This is another title I want to add to my TBR list. Mr & Mrs Cornflower I am always intrigued by your suggested reading; thank you and happy reading in 2011.
PS I am really looking forward to reading South Riding. Even when I haven't "loved" the bookgroup books, they have always been a good read. Mind you I have really enjoyed most of them.


This has been on my list to read for ages.Please put my name into the hat-thanks.


Yes please count me in.

adele geras

Can't wait to read this...please add my name to the list. Wonderful title.

Rosie H

Please enter me for the draw - this book sounds intriguing!

Barbara M.

I'm a constant reader but infrequent commenter, and I'd like to play, too! Thank you for having such a lovely blog..... you have no idea how many books I've searched out and purchased this year, thanks to you! Our new bookcases are now overflowing again.


I'd be so pleased to win a copy of this book, it is ages until it is due out in paperback and I can't wait to read it. Please enter my name in the draw, thanks


Thankyou, Barbara!

Caroline S

I would be thrilled to win this book as it was on my wish list for christmas but I didn't get it. I am currently subjecting myself to a book buying ban as my TBR tower is far too high. But its OK for people to give me books.....


Yes please it sound like a lovely book. I've finally given in and ordered The Home Cookbook after your posts about it. I'm finding it a bit too British and basic, but tonight we're eating from it for the second night in a row...


This is on my reading list and I would love to own it instead of waiting for a library copy


I would love to enter, too, this book intrigues me...

Margaret Powling

Please enter me in the draw!


I've read great things about this book & would love to read it. Please include me in the draw. Thank you.


Do disqualify me if you feel it's not fair, as I've already read this and loved it - but I had it from the library and would love to have a copy of my own!


Maine is having a snow day and I have time to check my favorite blogs: I'd love to win the book!

Ruth M.

'The Hare...' is at the top of my list and I haven't located it yet (stateside). Please enter me for the draw and thanks as always for your lovely blog(s).


The author, Edmund de Waal, is a potter. I love pottering and also making pots so would be delighted with 'The Hare with Amber Eyes'.


Oooh I would love to read this book. Please count me into the draw.


I do hope I'm not too late!
Please count me in too.


I am sure that this spell of delightful weather in the Scottish Borders will not continue for too much longer so I would be grateful for a diversion.

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