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I'm ahead of you, for once. I've just finished re-reading it.


Ps I love that cover. So much nicer than the BBC edition.

Dark Puss

I have just managed to get last month's CBG book, have had no luck yet with the current one (few copies and none anywhere near me), but this appears to be in my University library so I'd better borrow it tomorrow.

I have a PhD thesis to read so I'm not so enamoured at the moment by 544 pages and I still haven't completed Middlemarch (only 100 pages to go though). I'll do my best however.


Dark Puss, dear cat, there are things called SHOPS!
(I'd better run away before you hiss at me ....)


M, glad to hear it's a re-read for you as that augurs well for those coming to it for the first time, and I do agree about the cover.


My edition is only 450 pages, which doesn't seem so daunting, Dark Puss. There's a cast of truly wonderful characters. Though I do think that WH needed a much more rigorous editor, as she can get rather repetitive. Brisk reading though, and easy to skim the repetitive bits!

Dark Puss

I do know about some shops! ;-)

Never, ever, going to hiss at you my dearest Karen. P xx

Dark Puss

Ninetyfour pages saved already! Can anyone make me a better offer? Anyway I will get my hands on this one (unless some other CBG reader lurks at the University of xxx).

M (notarevolution)

I'm in. I was planning on reading it anyway, as you said, because of the BBC adaptation, so this means I'll just move it up a few weeks.

Susan in TX

Sounds like a good one! Since I read The Bookshop in November, in theory I have some "extra" time to get this one read. :)


I read this years ago after a previous TV adaptation featuring Dorothy Tutin reminded my mum how much she had enjoyed it in the 30's and she bought a copy for me to read.
I recall being fascinated by it as a teenager so it will be interesting to see what I think of it now.

I'm loving The Bookshop by the way and the Amanda Vickery, although I am reading the latter very slowly!


So glad to hear The Bookshop and the Georgians are going down well!


It's going to be on Masterpiece in the U.S. later this spring, too! ... so I'm glad to have this inspiration to read it before the broadcast.

Susan in TX

Ah, the beautiful edition shown here is being released in the US the first of July, so I will go with the less beautiful cover from Book Depository. :)

Julie Fredericksen

I found "the beautiful edition shown here" for sale used, described as being in "very good condition" on


Count me in as well, Karen -- our library doesn't have a copy so I've ordered one from a bookshop in East Anglia. I'm reading The Bookshop and thought I'd give Florence some business; should make Violet have a less happy day !!

Since I'm in the Dallas, TX area it might not get here until mid-February, but I'll join in anyway.

Love your site, a warm spot on the web.


What a lovely idea to 'give Florence some business'!


I have dug out my old green Virago edition which I see was published in 1988 with an introduction by Lettice Cooper. A painting of an attractive auburn haired woman on the cover to illustrate Sarah Burton. This copy has 492 pages. I've only reached page 36 but am loving it already. Will I enjoy the television adaptation as much I wonder? Not impressed by the cover on the TV tie-in book. Good choice Cornflower.

Dark Puss

"My" edition was published in 1940 and beats the lot of you by having 589 pages!

Dark Puss

Susan AbeBooks lists many different editions, and I got 307 hits just now, with 32 sellers of this book claiming to be USA based.


I'm on page 34 and loving it, too, Claire!


Just got word that the bookshop in East Anglia, Seaside Books, has been closed down, so I had to look for another 'purveyor' -- this one a little less far afield for me, on the Oregon coast, and will deliver it more quickly. More time to get through all those pages.

I guess I didn't get there in time, before (Bookshop spoiler alert!) Violet had her way... Sad, provincial thinking at times, big fish in a small pond-isms; we live in a very small neighborhood, only fifty homes, and see this sort of thing often. But I'll save it for the discussion!


What a pity about Seaside Books, but well done you for thinking to try them.


I loved South Riding, a really absorbing saga. What a good idea to read it before the new TV series. I have the 1970s series on DVD but haven't watched it yet. I have the Virago edition from the 80s mentioned above. I'm also enjoying The Bookshop, almost finished it & enjoying it much more than I did the first time I read it many years ago.

Susie Vereker

Managed to buy this in Saino's today. By the way, I was myself going to mention to Dark Puss that one can buy books in shops (with money), but supermarkets even more of a bargain.

Dark Puss

Susie, my lack of desire to buy books is not financially motivated, but I thank you for your comment.

Susie Vereker

Sorry that was just a joke that didn't come over so well on line. But actually I don't think South Riding is worth buying though pleasant enough.


You do have an eye for a book, Ms Cornflower. My copy is on its way to me. I'd love to join in for this one if I may!


You'll be most welcome!

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