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Coffee and a Book Chick

Now, this sounds incredible! There are so many different element so this that are jumping out at me that are making me download it right now... :)

Susan in TX

Sounds fascintating -- I wonder if the arms of my chair would be up to it? ;) Thanks for the review!


Wow! I wish you'd stop reviewing such good books. I can't keep up!


This sounds wonderful--I'm adding it to my list. My library just ordered the Paver book (finally I will get to read it!). Love to see what books you have on your sidebar--so many to tempt me!


thank you karen.i have just ordered my copy.


Ochone, ochone ... it's another baited hook that I'm seeing ...

Your Mother

And I'll just wait until my next visit down the motorway and pick up your copy !!! sounds like my taste. How lucky am I ? Love, Mum


This looks great. I am already hooked on Ann Cleeve's Jimmy Perez books set in Shetland and Fair Isle so another island story will be very welcome.
Must look out for the Cliff McNish book - I seem to remember Junior Daughter reading a couple by him when she was about 10 or so which she enjoyed.
Also I will be interested in hearing what you think about the new Sarah Moss book as I loved Cold Earth and if this is anything like as good will be well worth reading.


I'm glad to see a lot of interest in this book as it is so good (and Mum, you will be getting my copy soon).
Sandy, it doesn't take much bait to hook me either! I've just heard from Peter May that the second in the series, The Lewis Man, is finished and due for release this time next year.
Liz, I'm really looking forward to the Sarah Moss, though I haven't read Cold Earth - like The Blackhouse, Night Waking has a Scottish island setting.

Mr Cornflower

Tremendous. Read it in one sitting. Interesting how many really effective crime novels have such a great sense of place: to Donna Leon's Venice, Colin Dexter's Oxford, Conan Doyle's London, Michael Connolly's Los Angeles and Ian Rankin's Edinburgh we can now add Peter May's Lewis.


Wow! I must read this. Thank you.


I have just finished this book, which I enjoyed. The current plot is woven in with the past in an exceptionally fine manner and you go from one period to another in a seamless and effortless path.

I have lived on the North-west coast for more than 30 years and have spent time in Ness on Lewis. The authenticity of the depiction of place is outstanding, at least from the viewpoint of an incomer. I have not seen it equalled. I cant speak for the locals of course.

The final explanation of the mystery was the only weaker element for me but the book as a whole made up for this and it's my book of 2011 so far.

I hope there is a sequel !


So glad you enjoyed it, Sandy, and yes, I hear from Peter May that the sequel is finished, though it's not due out until next Spring.

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