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B R Wombat

Smashing! When you mentioned them the other day, they appealed to me. What a good choice.

Dark Puss

I will, as usual, set any previous experience aside when reading this.


I should have South Riding from The Book Depository next week, and I'm looking forward to that read. Ellis Peters - I don't know, I tried once but didn't get very far, but I'll give it another go and look forward to your and everybody else's comments.


I've always intended to read a Cadfael - thanks for the impetus to do it.

Julie Fredericksen

The longer I belong to Cornflower Book Group, the more expanded my horizons become. I found an edition with a much nicer cover though!


Oh, I love the idea of expanding horizons, Julie!

Susan in TX

Excellent! I will look forward to it.


thanks karen.i have just ordered my copy.

Cristina (Rochester Reader)

Hi! I acquired a copy of this book yesterday and hope to join you next month. I read 'The Devil's Novice' many years ago and enjoyed it but for some reason I never picked up another. I enjoyed the Brother Cadfael series too and look forward to your book group discussions :-)


Excellent, Cristina!

Dark Puss

I managed to get my paws on it today at my local public library - yay! I also completed a survey asking me if I'd like my council to close up to 5 libraries or cut book purchases by over 40% or screw money from the mega-rich (sadly that last option is one I made up) - boo!

I'll probably read this book on my outbound journey to CERN next week.


Glad you managed to get hold of it, and as always, I hope it will be worth the effort.

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