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Dark Puss

I wish I could get hold of books that don't have someone else's condensed opinion of them printed on the covers; indeed I find them so off-putting that I have been known to put a book back on the library/bookshop shelf if they are what I would consider (in an entirely unsubstantiated way I will admit) over-effusive. I am quite keen to read by active choice what people I have empathy with will say about a book, both positive and negative, and I still enjoy reading book reviews in newspapers & magazines. I am quite keen to not be forced to have clues or bearings if I don't want them. I suppose there isn't an option for hiding the book blurb under a scratch-off cover is there?


I agree partly with DP except I find those off-putting cover blurbs very useful in sieving out the 'please save me from this' group.

I'm not totally surprised by the anecdotes about the Violinist and Jane Austen (now that is a possible book title!). Context is important in deciding the value of art - part of being human I guess.

Desperate Reader

The enthusiastic quotes on the back of books don't often do much for me - unless it's from a writer I admire which does give some context to the enthusiasm. One of my problems with the tv book club is that I really don't care what Gok Wan or similar think of a book, and won't until I know a lot more about their reading habits.

Bloggers enthusiasm is a different matter because it's so much easier to see where interests meet or overlap and because I can ask questions of the blogger. Context it seems is everything.


Good point about the celebrities, Hayley, and it is one of the strengths of the blogs that we can get to know so much about the taste of the blogger vis-a-vis our own.

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