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Yes! I adore her work. I've read both of the ones you mentioned as well as People of the Book, which is my favorite. I'm glad to know she has a new one coming out.


Thanks, Hannah - I shall now add People of the Book to my wishlist!


Oh dear. I have all three of her previous books but haven't got around to reading any! Story of my life and why I really do need to get on with working through my TBR mountain range!
BTW I like the look of the Simon Barnes book in your arrivals column - assuming that it is the same Simon Barnes who writes for the Times as he writes as brilliantly about nature and animals as he does about sport.


Yes, Liz, it is the same Simon Barnes, and the book does look very interesting.


People of the Book is my favourite, too. I'm really excited to hear about Caleb.

Coffee and a Book Chick

I loved Year of Wonders and People of the Book - so glad you're enjoying this author, too!


Geraldine Brooks is a longtime favourite of mine and I await Caleb's Crossing with growing excitement. An excerpt was published in one of the weekend colour supplements here in Australia some weeks ago which simply served to confirm what a wonderful writer she is.
Her non-fiction writing is excellent too. Foreign Correspondence consists of examples of her writing when she was a foreign correspondent for some major newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal, and Nine Parts of Desire: the Hidden World of Islamic Women is a beautiful and insightful book developed from interviews she conducted during her time reporting in the Middle East.
You may be lucky enough to find some interviews with her online which will reward you with a glimpse of what a thoughtful, intelligent and empathetic writer she is. As you can guess I am a huge fan.


I was not a huge fan of March but really enjoyed both People of the Book and Nine Parts of Desire!

Susan in TX

March didn't do that much for me, but I have People of the Book sitting on my TBR shelf to give her another chance at some point.


I loved Year of Wonders -- liked March but less -- have not read People of the Book. I'd forgotten all about her -- thanks for the reminder.


Geraldine Brooks is a wonderful writer and story teller. She also has an excellent website. I especially loved March. One of my top reads.

Simon (Savidge Reads)

I really enjoyed A Year of Wonders, the village of Eyam is actually just miles down the road from where I grew up so I know it well, and Brooks made the whole place and the events come alive.

Strangely though I loved that one I have never picked up or really fancied any of her others so I will be keeping my eyes on all these comments.


I read Year of Wonders with my co-teachers and we liked it but felt that the segue into liberated Islamic female dr was a little unrealistic and odd.

I listened to an AMAZING rendering of People of the Book on cd and found it fascinating and absorbing--as well as depressing and "let's fast-forward through this scene of appalling human suffering" at points!

Julie Fredericksen

Yes, my book club and I loved "Year of Wonders". I have also read "People of the Book" on my own, and liked it even better. I think you would really like it too. Haven't read "March" yet. she certainly picks diverse topics, doesn't she? Thanks for the heads up on the new book.


Year of Wonders uses a line from A.E. Housman when it says "Malt does more to justify God's ways to man than the Bible!" In A.E. Housman's poem, "Terrence this is Stupid Stuff," the line is "Malt does more than Milton can/ To justify God's ways to man."

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