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Dark Puss

Do you not think that one can also use craft, erudition and clear thinking to produce books (or indeed other works of art) that beautifully articulate chaos, disorder and a deliberately blurred vision? Is that not skilled and creative writing too?


Ooo I was going to ask that, but less well.


Yes Dark Puss I'm sure you can.

Dark Puss

I'm sure I can't! ;-)

Simon (Savidge Reads)

I really enjoyed the show last night and am looking forward to tonights. I wasnt initially sure how on earth P.D James would work with Richard Bacon and yet somehow it all did. I did think the titles were very like another certain TV book show though!


Yes, I thought she was marvellous, and, what is more, looks 10 years (at least) younger than her real age. Richard Bacon I though just managed to dress as if he were 10 years younger than his, ahem. Must search out more Cyril Hare.


I have yet to watch it, and as I have set the whole series to record, I may well indulge at the weekend.

I am intrigued to see what books they all choose and whether I have read any of them.


Indeed it is, but the scope there for lacunae, for open-endedness, for obfuscation, say, is greater, and thus would not appeal as much to the likes of me and P.D. James (if I can put myself in the same sentence as that admirable lady).


Talking of order, wasn't it very 'neat' (though sad, too) that PD James got her break because of Cyril Hare's death?


It was! Thinking of it, she must have been with F&F for almost 50 years now too.

Simon T

I watched the first two episodes tonight, while ironing - loved it. Anne Robinson interrupted Sue and Giles far too much, and nobody seemed to laugh at their amusing comments. (Having seen one ep filmed, I do know that there are only about 40 people in the audience.) It's so unusual to have people talk about books on TV!

Carol Norton

I've watched the first two so far and have been pleasantly surprised. I thought the contrasts between PD James and Richard Bacon were all part of the attraction - young and old, male and female (obvious) formal and informal dress, beautiful measured speaking voice and 'Yoof-speak', not to mention PD's very disciplined life and RB's, well, not so disciplined, if you see what I mean...

And I agree PD James is an absolute star. I saw her a few years ago in Oxford with Jim Naughtie and she had chosen the Book of Common Prayer as a favourite because of the beauty of the language.

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