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The Report sounds both fascinating and poignant and is the one I would gobble up first. Thank you for the head's up!


I agree, Darlene, it looks very interesting indeed, and it's getting good reviews on Amazon.

Julie Fredericksen

How apropos! I have 20 pages left in "These Hidden Things" but I had interrupted my reading to find something on the Internet for my hubby. (FYI - white peppercorns, very hard to find here in Bismarck - he just spent 1/2 hour picking through mixed peppercorns to find the white ones for his flaming peppercorn steaks. Yes, I am a lucky woman.)

Anyway, yes it is a page turner and I highly recommend it and must get back to it. I also liked the first book I read by Gutenkunst, "The Weight of Silence".

If you had asked us on Friday what we were reading, I would have said I just finished Warwick Collins' "The Sonnets". Although I learned about it on this blog (from you or a reader, I cannot remember) I cannot recommend it at all.

Julie Fredericksen

PS - Gudenkauf is way better than Jodi Picoult, who seems to have dedicated herself to writing novels on subject "ripped from the headlines" (as "Law and Order" used to proclaim.

Julie Fredericksen

And yet another postscript as I apologize for mangling the title of the book, "These Things Hidden"!!! Until just now, I thought "These Hidden Things" was the title. Chalk it up to my dyslexia.


Read an advance copy of The Report. An excellent book, highly recommended.


I, too, would go for The Report. It sounds fascinating and is now on the wishlist. I think one Jodi Picoult is probaby enough. Actually, I haven't read any of them so very wrong of me to dismiss her - perhaps I will, possibly, one day!

Simon (Savidge Reads)

Oooh I have The Report on the TBR as well, and resting very near the top. I heard about it on the Books on the Nightstand podcast and whilst I am funny about WWII books this one sounds really rather different. I shall be giving it a whirl very soon.


Pity about The Sonnets, Julie, but we can't win 'em all!
For anyone wanting to know more about it, my post on that book is here:
Glad to hear you've been enjoying These Things Hidden.


Glad to hear that, EB, and thankyou for letting us know.


I've read only one of JP's - Change of Heart - but I couldn't put it down.


I bought The Report just after the holidays--it does sound good. I've not yet had a chance to read it. I'm off to see if I can listen to that interview--thanks!


I really enjoyed The Report and found it a "different" WWII read. I liked how she took a large event and focused on the individuals effected by that event.

My review if you are interested.


Thankyou so much - that's very interesting, and whets the appetite even more.

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