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B R Wombat

And it's only £2.99 as a Kindle book. You'd think I work for Amazon the amount of plugging Kindles I do here!

Dark Puss

In 2004 I attended a performance of the operatic adaption of Babette's Feast, composer John Browne, librettist Jane Buckler. I'll do my best to get hold of the book.


I loved the film.

Julie Fredericksen

Oh, dear, "not currentlyh available" at the Book Depository. As I've said in the past, CBG members must read your posts announcing books and hurry to order them from the BD. Oh, well, I'll get it on amazon. Maybe I'll order Out of Africa too (or whatever the BOOK was called).


Thankyou! I ought to have mentioned it was available in that format.


Did it impress? (or make you want to read the book?).


I haven't seen it but am keen to as I've read it's very good.


The UK Book Depository seems to have it still, Julie, and would ship to you free.
I have had Out of Africa for years and haven't read it!!

Dark Puss

I was very taken with the opera, both the staging and the music/libretto. Clearly it didn't make me rush off to read the book as seven years later I haven't done so. On the otherhand I haven't seen any opera that made me want to read the "book" (if there is one) either, so you should not read anything at all significant into that. I have not seen the film either.

Rose Harding

Looking forward to reading Babette's Feast. Still haven't submitted my comments on Decline and Fall though.....somewhere on these pages you mentioned Mercy - just finished that - did anyone else read it in this group I wonder.....? Also got on to the Eggs on the Roof site - 'mentioned in dispatches' on Cornflower - and made their Apple Mint Cordial - sublime.....Cornflower, you are quickly becoming something of a 'lifestyle option'!

Rose Harding

I forgot to say I bought the recommended - Cornflower again - Love in a Dish, MFK Fisher, and gave it to my host as a 'thank you' when I was his guest at his College, Corpus Christi, Cambridge last week - Choral Evensong at King's followed by dinner at 'high table' with the Fellows - yum, yum. Also still waiting on putting up something on the 'highly recommended' post, it will come - lifestyle, schmystyle - too right.....

adele geras

I adored this film and can't wait to read the book. Dinesen is a huge favourite of mine....thanks Cornflower.

Thomas at My Porch

How fantastic. I have seen the movie a million times (one of my all time favorites) and have always meant to read the book. I don't know how I missed that Karen Blixen wrote it.


Loved this movie (via Youtube). My copy of the story is contained in A Literary Feast, An Anthology edited by Lilly Golden (Atantic Monthly Press 1993). Might be easier to find if no luck with the book.


Thankyou for that information, Jayne.


Love the idea of being a 'lifestyle option', and re. your comment below, what a super idea to give Love in a Dish as a thankyou present!

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