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Thank you . This goes immediately to the TBR pile.


I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did, Mystica; I thought it was terrific!


I treated myself to a copy on Saturday after your mention of it last week, and will be taking it with me on a short break next week.
That way even if it rains on the North Yorkshire coast or we get one of the infamous seafrets, I will be able to escape to sunny Provence.

Thanks for the recommendation.


If poor weather keeps you indoors, Liz, I guarantee you'll be glad you have The Lantern to entertain you! Enjoy your break.

Margaret Powling

Ooh, ooh dear, I shouldn't have read this review, Cornflower ... I have a HUGE, nay MASSIVE TBR pile and I'm just coming to the end of of The Guynd, set in a rather bleak (dreich? For it always seems cold and wet where the writer is!) Scotland, so a bit of warming up courtsy of Provence sounds just the ticket! I love books not only about people but about houses and places, and how the past can affect the present, and this one must surely meet those requirements. I shall order it now. Oh dear, oh dear ...

Julie Fredericksen

I had put it on my wish list when you first mentioned but after reading this I want to read it now. It's not available here until Aug. 9 but I pre-ordered it. August is still summer so it will still be a summer read for me!


I was not going to get this, but now.... it sounds like a book right up my street!


I bet you'll love it, Margaret!




It's certainly right up my street, Jo, so I hope you'll enjoy it, too (should you succumb to temptation!).

adele geras

Did anyone see this book discussed on the TV Book Club? That seems to me to be such an ill-thought-out programme. No one seemed to know exactly what they were doing and poor Ade Edmondson who liked the book a lot was ...well, not forceful enough. It all seemed very low wattage and as if everyone were dozing through it. I've never seen Jo Brand express anything but half hearted views about the books under discussion. I've decided NOT to watch the programme any more but simply to try the books I would have tried just by reading the titles on the internet. Cornflower's recommendations are good enough for me!


I'm on my way >>>>>>>


Thanks for the review. I'll put this on my list.


I watched it, Adele, but only because I knew The Lantern was going to be featured, and having just finished it I wanted to hear what they had to say.
You're right about them dozing through the programme, and what a pity that no-one seemed to show any passion for books generally, never mind the one 'their team' had chosen for them. Thank goodness for Ade Edmondson, though as you say, even he didn't argue forcefully enough for the book he enjoyed.
Oh, for a really good books programme!


I've just got The Lantern from the library, having seen the TV Book Club, and am looking forward to reading it. Re the Book Club - what's happened to Nat Parker who used to be one of the presenters? He was the only one who seemed to have a proper opinion on the books, although to be honest I'm not too fussed about the books as long as he's on screen!


Barbie, I'd forgotten Nat Parker was originally on the show (also Gok Wan and a couple of others). I wonder who would be on our 'dream panel' if we could choose!

Dark Puss

You would be on mine!

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