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I love this book and have read it twice. Opinion is very divided, though. It does seem to be a Marmite title.


Having read this book,I will be most interested to read the comments. I did enjoy it. I agree about the marmite comment

B R Wombat

Another smashing choice! I read it when it was new and will enjoy reading it again, I trust.


I've never read this so I'll see if I can get it from the library (I am trying not to buy any more books until I've made some space for them!)


Great! I found this book in a local second-hand bookshop and it is sitting next to my bed ... I've always been curious about it, so, I'll read it and maybe I will even comment for a change!


I read this years ago...time for a re-read? As I recall, it read very quickly, so I don't think the length will be an issue.

Does "Marmite Title" mean people either love it or hate it?

Julie Fredericksen

What does Marmite title mean?


Marmite is something people either love or hate.


I remember trying to read this when it first came out in paperback and not getting very far. Looking at the publication date, however, I realise that I was coping with four children under 10, including a new baby, at the time which didn't exactly make me receptive to the characters!
I still have my copy so I will give it another go - maybe the intervening 18 years will give me a different viewpoint on it!


This book breaks every rule; it has a compelling atmosphere and the suspense builds up in this sinister and arcane kind of twilight zone. I loved it.

Ruth M.

Somebody has to speak up for the other jars on the shelf... I read this on recommendation several years ago and truly hated it. I'm sure it has qualities, they just aren't ones I admire.

Julie Fredericksen

When I read your post I thought, "This sounds familiar." When I looked it up on I thought, "It's sounding even more familiar but did I mix it up with a similar book?" Then I ran into the character name Bunny and I knew I had read it before. However, I will have to re-read it as I cannot remember whether I hated it or loved it - and that's not good for a book described as marmite (had to look that up too).

The good news is that I don't have to buy it.


How I envy those who haven't read this. I tend not to re-read, too many new things, not enough time, but when I'm in my dotage (not too far now!) I would definitely give this another go. Excellent choice.


Thank you for this review. I read South Riding and loved it (that was a win). I do hope I find this soon.

Barbara MacLeod

Our library copy was out on loan so I went on the the UK Amazon website to purchase a copy. There must have been a dozen listed many of which were going for 1 pence with £2.80 for postage and packing. My 1 pence plus purchase arrived 4 working days after my order.

I am puzzled. What, exactly, is going on here?

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