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adele geras

I think I will wait to see the film till it's on the telly, in a year or so. I'm not MAD to see it though I believe Tilda Swinton is just right for the part and Lionel S is very pleased with the whole thing. She, LS, I mean, is contemplating a SEQUEL I believe. I'm pretty sure that will be a mistake but what do I know? Am going to listen to you now, Cornflower.


I found this book deeply upsetting and had to force myself to finish it. Think it is a briliant book but will not be going to see the film.

Dark Puss

From what I have read, the film has had universally excellent reviews. Tilda Swinton is one of my favourite actors and I am certain she will play the role very well indeed. I'm certainly inclined to see the film.

Dark Puss

Fantastic broadcast.

I vote for books that are challenging, not everyone needs to be in quite the same vein as this one nor as intense but, as you know, I'm not a fan of "comfort" reading (and I don't own any slippers either). We need to be upset, horrified, disturbed from time to time else we forget reality and we lose our humanity too I think.


Caught a bit of the broadcast in the car at lunch time...

I think Kevin exhibits Attachment Disorder. This is usually attributed to the failure of a baby to connect with it's mother at a very early age due to unmet caring needs.

In the book Kevin tries to repair this by hurting the ones he loves the most. Are his hateful acts his chilling way to express internal anger, lack of trust and dislocation from Eva?

It's very interesting that Eva and Kevin come together at the end of the book. There a lot more to Eva's story than we get...


Tilda Swinton looks brilliant in the trailer - so I'm pretty sure that I'll be going. Another excellent broadcast!
If you can't quite face a double dose of Kevin, have you seen Midnight in Paris? It's a complete delight. Definitely one for booklovers.


Oh, alert us the next time you're going to be on the Book Cafe. I was at home and could have listened to you live! Will catch you on i player though. Enjoyed the very well written book and will try and see the film. Like Dark Puss I, too, am a fan of Tilda Swinton.


Congrats on more media time, they def like you to ask you back. I am in deep admiration, I am sure I would stammer and clam up.
I shan't see it, though I love Tilda Swinton. I spend my days worrying about the problems of other people, though none so extreme to my knowledge. Of course I don't need pure escapism outside work, I managed the brutality of Drive for instance, but this one just feels too hard for me.

Helen in Switzerland

I've read the book and for that reason I'm not going to go and see the film - it's just way too harrowing....


Just played the interview, Karen, and was most interested. Also, it's good to put a voice to a name!
I'm booked to see the film in late November so will have time to read the book BUT, I'm such a sensitive little thing that I don't know if I'll make it til the end.On more than one occasion I've had to leave a book, go out of the room, return to book.....It's hard going sometimes. But, I've been warned...!!


I have just listened to the interview. You were great! The whole show was very interesting. As much as I like Tilda Swinton I doubt that I will be going to see the movie and I honestly don't know whether or not I will try to read the book. While I am okay with being pulled out of my comfort zone and it is good to be shocked sometimes I don't know if now is the right time to try to read it. After all I have been warned!!


I am wavering over whether to see the film. It has had such rave reviews and Tilda Swinton is a brilliant actress but I'm really not sure that I can cope with something that I know (because I have read the book) will be grim.
On the other hand I will definitely be listening to you on iPlayer in my lunchbreak today!

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