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These days, "on the verge of financial ruin" is always relevant. I wish more contemporary literature were dealing with it.

Julie Fredericksen

Your description makes me think of "I Capture the Castle". I am sure I will love this.


Good point, Shelley.


I thought of "I Capture ...", too. I hope we'll love this one.

M (@notarevolution)

This book was one of the very last ones I read in 2011, and it was lovely. You're in for a treat!


Well last time I loved one you hated it so I do hope you have better luck with this!


I'm so glad to hear that - thankyou.


I think there are many more books on which we've held similar opinions than ones on which we've differed, so I'm very hopeful with this one, Harriet!


I have this on my kindle, as I do LA'sS (which I am reading now). It is looking good that for the first time ever I may be part of the Cornflower reading group - twice!


I read this years ago and loved it, then went dashing to buy the other books as soon as they were published posthumously in the mid-80s. (Must have really loved it, because it was quite something for me to buy a hardback in those days!)
All so long ago that it's definitely time for a re-read.


That's great, Nan!


I'm so pleased to hear that - hope the re-read is as good or even better.


Yes! My library has a copy. Looking forward to this one, since I have never read any Rebecca West, but I have heard of her. This is what I like about the Cornflower Book Group, the opportunity to discover books and authors who are new to me.

Susan E

Just borrowed a copy of this to read so am delighted to hear the Cornflower Book Group will be discussing. Not often do I have the book on time....


I've read Rebecca West's The Return of the Soldier ( ) but nothing else by her.




This is the first of a trilogy, the other two being "This Real Night" and "Cousin Rosamund". They didn't receive as good a reception but I think this may be because they are not about children.


Yes, from what I've read, Rebecca West wasn't happy with the later volumes, and they were published posthumously.


The Fountain Overflows is one of my favorite books. What a treat to see other people enjoy it.


Having gobbled it down, wanted to say "I loved it!" --and now am ordering the sequel! More in February.


Oh, good!

Hotels in Buxton

The Fountain Overflows is one of my favorite books. What a treat to see other people enjoy it.


Yay! The library has found me a copy of this, so I'm off to town to collect it and can start reading this afternoon. I've not read any Rebecca West, and don't know what to expect.


Dear Cornflower - I am not sure whether you are busy right now preparing 'very large pink and white fondants in fluted paper cases' [Nancy's party] but whatever happens be sure not to cheat and use a jar for your pork-pie (!) AND include conger eel '....and the best black peppercorns....from a shop crusted like a bottle of port.....' - can't wait to find out what you have chosen as the "recipe" to go with this sublime book!


I was delighted to find so much food content, Rose, so I'm now spoilt for choice!

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