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I think I read it before Meryl Streep was invented! Hoping to re-read the D L Sayers and joing your March discussion.


Excellent! Thankyou, Moira.

Barbara MacLeod

I'm up for it.


Oh go on then! Count me in! (I was reluctant but your paragraph: "I confess I felt down-hearted then and swithered about my choice, but I decided to stick with it in the hope of a more supportive response from all of you, so come on, people, show some enthusiasm, some open-mindedness, please! ............. If you've never read it, how about discovering what makes it a classic of late twentieth century fiction?" won me over). By the by, I've just finished 'We, the Drowned' and you asked for a report-back. I do recommend it - it is a bit 'fractured' however I kept with it and over all it was a good read.

Susan in TX

I've neither read it or seen the movie, but my library has it, so I'll be attempting to join in.


Where you lead, Cornflower, I will follow! Like Susan, I have never read it nor have I seen the movie. Looking forward to it.

gondal girl

Brilliant and inspiring book - what a book.

Margaret Stedman

I've never read this nor have I seen the movie so will get a copy from my library and join in. I must confess Mr C's comment and your subsequent 'Grr' have increased my sense of expectation :-)


A very good choice.I read it when it first was published and it made me very uneasy. Now that this style is a commonplace I am ready to try it again.


It is a wonderful choice! Forget everything he said about it. A newer edition is in my sidebar now and this is just the occasion to open it. Excited to join.

Julie Fredericksen

Yes, I read it "100 years ago" as well. Okay, maybe 40 years ago, when I was in my 20s. It will be interesting to learn what my reaction will be now.

Dark Puss

Suerly there are few more open minded readers* than Dark Puss (even if his comments are rarely illuminating). I've never read it and if I can get it I will.

*aka undiscriminating


I only choose books which can be very easily got - there is no excuse, DP!!!


Oh but I adored this! And so did my husband when I recommended it to him to read. Cornflower, our tastes must be so similar, because I think every book you've picked for the book club this year, I have already read! But at least I can warmly recommend this one (and I thoroughly enjoyed The Nine Tailors, too).

Mr Cornflower

Oh all right then. If I managed beetroot John Fowles should be a cinch.

Dark Puss

I wasn't trying to make an excuse, this is a popular book and I may not be able to reserve a library copy. I'll make all reasonable efforts of course.

Dark Puss

I hope you are right! P


I'll be there with only vague memories of the first time I read it. In common with Moira, this was long before Meryl Streep! I'm sure it wasn't as good as roasted beetroot or else my recollections would be more vivid!

I tried 'The Collector' after that but it abolished my motivation to try any more ...


Many thanks, Rose, and I'm glad to hear it was good.


If the library copies are all out, try a sh*p!




The Collector is one I haven't read, but let's hope TFLW makes a better impression.


Yes, very interesting to see how our tastes may have changed over the years.


Excellent, Frances!


Oh yes, I found TFLW to be a much more enjoyable book than 'The Collector.

Julie Fredericksen

I really liked "The Collector". I recommended it to my daughter a few years ago and she was aghast that I did (she hated it). I do have an attraction for true crime murder stories and this may have been the book that piqued my interest (tho of course it is a novel, not a non-fiction crime book).

Simon (Savidge Reads)

Yes, count me in on this one as its one of my three books to read in the last three weeks before I am 30!!! It means I will have read it way in advance, but I will make sure I am keeping many a note. I have only read The Collector by Fowles but thought that was pretty darn good, so am excited to see him doing my favourite period in history.

B R Wombat

Sorry to be so late to the discussion. Sandy, you and I seem to like similar books and so I dare to recommend Fowles's The Magus. Although I did like (if that's the right word for so nasty a book) The Collector too, so maybe our tastes differ on Fowles.


Thanks for the reccommendation BR Wombat - yes we do seem to have tastes in common and will therefore be pleased to read The Magus :)

B R Wombat

I do hope you like it! I read it in my youth (at least a hundred years ago) and then re-read it last year and was amazed at how I remembered actual sentences and how much I was still gripped by it.


I first read this long before the film came out, and really enjoyed it. I shall be more than happy to take my battered paperback edition from its place on the bookshelves and read it again. I think it's a really good choice for a group discussion - it's well written, and not as light-weight as many people think, and there are all sorts of themes which can be explored.


Great! Thankyou.


I remember being greatly taken by The Magus when I read it (I think it was 'displacement activity' when I should have been revising for university exams), and I'd certainly like to read it again.


I know I've read this one as I have a copy on the shelf. I have a feeling that it was back when I was a student so I only have very hazy memories of it. So it will be good to re-read.


I wonder whether a lot of those of us who have read Fowles did so during our student years - is there something about his books which appeals to that age group? Perhaps we shall find out when we re-read.


Hello BR Wombat and Cornflower. I read 'The Magus' and had a terrific time with this book. From a very grounded opening, I gradually felt more & more detached from any reality and found the whole philosophical concept very absorbing. I am sure I bored my OH with my consant comments to her! I wont forget this book & thanks for the recommendation.

Afterwards, since I was in Greece anyway and wondering what was real, I have begun to re-read 'The Song of Achilles' and am enjoying it just as much the seconnd time around.


Glad to hear that, Sandy!

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