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Cornflower book group

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Mr Cornflower

Well, last year I finally got around to reading WG Sebald and greatly enjoyed it - so this time I'll give Ian McEwan a try.

adele geras

I''m sure you'll love Ian McEwan. And can I join in after having read my first Penelope Fitzgerald? I hadn't read her before...she's very good!

Susan in TX

I'm doing something similar on an "unofficial scale" (as you said, too many rules get in the way). I have several authors I've been itching to try already sitting on my TBR shelves, so I've been trying this year to sort of "float those to the top." Laurie King is one the I'm looking forward to trying. I believe it was King Solomon who said, "of the making of books, there is no end.." It took the book blogging world to open my eyes to the magnitude of that statement! :)


I can't even begin to fill in the blanks of the books and authors I'd like to read. What I am going to do this year is to try to join in the Cornflower Book Group every now and then - but only starting next month. (As you can see, I spend a good part of my time drafting caveats and qualifications...)


Oh I need to join this so badly as the clock is running slowly out on me--I'm in my 70s. My next one up is "Barlasch of the Guard". It may be awful but it was a great favorite of my first mother-in-law's and I've felt a twinge of guilt every time I notice her copy on my shelves.


"I've never read Elizabeth Bowen and Ivy Compton-Burnett" and I have copies of their works on my shelves - so now there is NO excuse.


Renata: these were my mother's two favorite, written in English, authors. I tried both in my 20s and maybe I should try again. By the way my sister's most beautiful doll was named Renata!


I'm overwhelmed by the number of authors that keep being added to my 'must try' list.However ,I have made a good start this year and aim to read at least 12 'new' authors by December.Peter May is an excellent author and I am so glad to have at last read something by him-'The Lewis Man 'is next.

Simon (Savidge Reads)

I am going to go away and think about this and then yes I shall join in. I may even pop a mention of this idea on Savidge Reads if thats not plagerism?


Glad you liked Peter May, Margaret!


Please do, Simon, and so sorry not to have seen you yesterday - I was looking forward to it!


Great, Jade! You'll be very welcome.


I've never read. . . Bleak House, though I love Dickens and now have two different editions in my possession. Onwards!


Yes, onwards!


I've never read Virginia Woolf's nonfiction but I'm convinced it would be more successful with me than her fiction and I have A Room of One's Own on my shelf at home just waiting to be read.

Next time I'm home, I'll have to remember to bring it back with me!

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