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Mr Cornflower

The Dictionary of National Biography doesn't mention Eve Garnett, but it does confirm that David Garnett's grandfather was Keeper of Printed Materials at the BM. Garnett's first wife was an author and illustrator but her name was Alice Ray.

Mr Cornflower

Correction: Garnett's first wife was called Rachel Alice Marshall (known as Ray). His second wife was Angelica Grant, daughter of Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell.


It would be interesting to see who else was living in the house for the 1901 census here but I don't have any credits...
Eve Garnett was born in Worcester and there is one listed.


I've just had a look at three different books on childrens' literature. She was born in 1900 in Worcestershire and her father was a Lieutenant-Colonel. She studied art in London, where she saw the slums which inspired the One End Street books. (One End Street is actually in Lewes, where she later lived.) She died in 1991. There's no mention of a husband and children and only that one mention of her father.
I love the three Ruggles books!


Maybe someone can come across a library copy of this biograpy by her nephew for more information:

Eve Garnett - Artist, Illustrator, Author

By Terence Molloy - January 2002 - Book Guild, UK - ISBN: 1-85776-611-3 - 160 pages, illustrated - $30.95 hardcover

OUT OF PRINT - With the publication in 1937 of her first children's book, The Family From One End Street, which she also illustrated, Eve Garnett identified herself as a pioneer within the genre. Terence Molloy traces the author/artist's life from her early childhood to her death, examining her writing and art in the context of her times and its importance today. This biography, which includes many examples of Garnett's striking illustrations along with photographs from family collections, will be a joy to everyone who has read Garnett's work and a tantalizing introduction to the uninitiated. Includes 16 black & white plates.

About the author: Terence Molloy is the nephew of children's writer and illustrator Eve Garnett. He was born in Pakistan, where his father served as an officer in the Indian Army, and was educated in England. He spent 22 years serving in the British Army, before training as a teacher of children with special educational needs. Now retired, he lives with his wife in Swanage, Dorset, and devotes much of his time to writing.


Many thanks, everyone, for the information and suggestions.

Susan P.

Sorry for responding so late to this post. Eve Garnett has a published memoir (1982) of her early childhood. She doesn't do a family tree in it, but in all her mentions of relatives there is no clues to lead on to think she is related to David Garnett. The other place that might be worth checking is the Heilbrun book on the Garnett family (1961).

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