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Julie Fredericksen

I got a birthday gift card for this week, and it is being spent on a pre-order for Shadow of the Night. It is being released here July 10. I can't wait. My husband and daughter really liked it too.

Julie Fredericksen

Good grief, I wrote the above comment before even reading to the end of your post to find out about the drawing. Don't enter me, as I have pre-ordered my copy.

Magical power? Shapeshifting!


I loved her first book and would love to have a copy of the second.Knowing what to say in an awkward situation would be a great magical ability to possess.


I've wanted to be able to time travel ever since I was very young - I think it was E. Nesbit's wonderful book The House of Arden that set me off. The children in that book find a trunk full of clothes from all periods of history, and when they dress up in them they are magically transported to that era. I was desperate to be able to do that aged seven and I am still secretly hoping one day I will find that trunk.


So of course that's my entry for the draw, by the way -- I loved the first book, can't wait for the second!


I loved the first book - magic magic - and the magical ability I'd like is to be a winner when it counts, a la D H Lawrence and the rocking horse.


Can't wait for this to be published. My special power would be the ability to read minds!


Some kind of cloning facility the real me could be out having fun while the lookalike does the boring stuff like going to work?
You did put the question on a Friday afternoon!


Magical ability? Hmmmm, if it couldn't be healing, then, ESP to the nth degree (that's probably close to reading minds).


I'd like to be counted in with a UK address (if thats allowed).

Dark Puss

No idea what a romantic novel is (he said sounding like Sheldon Cooper) but I'll enter since you recommend it enough to give away a copy.

I'm not really sure what magic power I covet. Like Harriet I think time travel would be very interesting, like Julie shapeshifting (but I don't want to be a cat) and I think the ability to change (and change back!) my sex would be of great interest to have too.


Like everyone else I loved the first book and can't wait for the second. I'd like the magical power to become my favourite characters.


I need some escapist books for our next trip down South in the caravan, so have downloaded 'A Discovery of Witches' onto the Kindle. Amazon review said 'spells, kisses and battles'. I'm not proud; how can I resist?


Yes count me in too. I loved the first book and, in the meantime, if anyone hasn't read The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and wants a great magic realism read I would thoroughly recommend it, if not just for the beautifully wrought and designed hardback here in the UK.


oops in my rush to recommend the Night Circus I forgot the bit about what magic powers I would want and how to use them.
I would want the power of healing and would start with children first. I think some might have walked this earth with this power before me though;-)


oops - I forgot to say what magical power I would like ...

I would like a memory that works!

Julie Fredericksen

I second your recommendation of The Night Circus.


I do hope that I am not too late, our Canada Day long weekend has just ended and it's back to 'normal'. The fireworks in the River Valley were lovely, enhanced this year by a full moon.

I digress as I would love to be included as for my magical powers I rather like the idea, like Samamtha on Bewitch, of being able to wiggle my nose and the locked door opens or that I am able to prevent that vase from falling to the floor and smashing into thousands of pieces. Gosh what a mess that was!!


The ability to make time more flexible so I could have more time for reading.


Thanks Teresa for the suggestion which I have put on the Kindle (convenience for caravan won over beautiful cover).


Oh! Better count me out now Karen as a pre-ordered copy I had quite forgotten about has arrived. Good luck everyone and thank you Karen for the chance to win the book.

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