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Dark Puss

"It is about the adventure of learning to fit again."

No idea what that means, but I'm happy to find out! I'll be commenting on the enormously long book you set us for next week, though as I read it 6 weeks ago my detailed comments may be rather lacking.


I've only just finished and doubt I could make detailed comments either!

Susan E

Sounds like a wonderful book for spring reading. I just ordered my copy :)


It does sound good for spring, doesn't it? I hope you'll enjoy it, Susan.


I've added this to my shopping cart (the cheaper UK edition that is) in hopes of a good nature read, which I was just thinking I was in need of (and you have anticipated my reading desires it seems!). I am enjoying the Pears, but I am very slowly making my way (still) through the first of the narratives, so I will (unsurprisingly) lag behind your discussion. Still, I've owned the book for many years, so a nod to you in prodding me to Finally pick it up to read! :)


I often feel the need for some non-fiction, particularly memoir, as a sort of palate cleanser after a rich diet of fiction, so I hope this book will be just that.
Re. the Pears, I think it's fair to say it is not a quick read!


I read Mabey regularly in various journals I get; he's a fine and intelligent writer, with a good knowledge and appreciation of nature, although he has a very particular standpoint which not everyone agrees with! Interestingly, Simon Barnes (sports and nature writer for The Times, and author of How to Be a Bad Birdwatcher) has also recently moved to Norfolk (but only from Suffolk) and is discovering a new, flatter, bigger landscape, a process he writes about regularly -although without any of Mabey's need for a cure. A comparison might be instructive. I may join the reading this time, though as you've picked Easter weekend to discuss, may not be around for that bit (much to your relief, I expect!).

Dark Puss

We miss your comments greatly! I do hope you will comment at any point when you have time. I'm happy to comment on posts months after they appear. Of course perhaps nobody reads what I write after such a delay!


Comments are always open, Lindsay!
(I have a couple of books by Simon Barnes - though as yet unread.)


They are there should I link back to a post for any reason, which happens quite often, so even long after 'the event' they are welcome.


I'm looking forward to this spring read. What is it about Norfolk? Mark Cocker writes wonderfully evocative pieces about it in the Guardian.


I'm looking forward to this spring read. What is it about Norfolk? Mark Cocker writes wonderfully evocative pieces about it in the Guardian.


I've never been to Norfolk, but look forward to discovering some of it on the page.


Sounds interesting, I'm looking forward to reading it


I have high hopes of this one!


Oh this looks much more my cup of tea!
I have often looked at Richard Mabey's books and I really like the opening section so I will get hold of a copy somehow! Having grown up on the edge of the Chilterns, I find that sort of country very appealing too so I will be interested to read his take on the very different landscape of Norfolk (what I can remember of it from a childhood visit to Cromer!)
I really like Simon Barnes' sports and horse related writing but apart from the odd newspaper column, I haven't read any of his nature/bird-watching writing - another for the list!
I am persisting with the Iain Pears but I think it is fair to say that it is slow going and I will be nowhere near finished by the weekend but since like Danielle, it is a book which has been on my shelves for years, thank you for making me at least attempt it.


Mr. C. is racing through the Pears. He began it on Friday evening and is almost finished, but he is a very fast reader. Lesser mortals - and I am one - will take far longer.


Mr C is clearly a formidably clever fellow!
I had thought of taking it with me on a trip to Venice this week (in case of flight delays etc)but have thought better of it as it is heavy and we are only taking hand luggage!


Have a wonderful trip!

Dark Puss

I see this available at the moment at my local library. I'll try to get it tomorrow morning. I do not expect to read it as rapidly as some of your regular contributors!


A mere 228 pages this time, and probably a book to be taken slowly and savoured (at least I hope it is!).

Dark Puss

Just off to try to get it from the library again! Little chance of it being savoured I fear at this stage and given my other committments.

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