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Venturing to the allotment, passing 'Wolf Hall', 'The Blackhouse' and spotting 'The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared' Along the Way', I arrived to find a 'Raven Black' being chased by 'A Street Cat Named Bob', through the vegetable plots and spied in the distance 'The Wolves of Willoughby Chase' running after 'The Woman Who Dies A Lot' at the 'Crossing Places'. I said hi to 'The Lewis Man' who was busy moving 'The Janus Stone' nearer to 'The Glass Room', so that he can sit quietly again next 'March' and during 'The Enchanted April' of 'White Nights', dreaming of 'The House at Sea's End, which has been in his family since 11.22.63.

It's a dreadful attempt and hardly to do with gardening, but it is mine own!


Well done, Chris! Thank you.

Rosie H

I'm no good at original composition, so stole your framework:

Early this morning, at Rosamund’s Castle, I stepped out of The Beach Café into the garden and began my Fine Day for a Picnic.

As dawn broke I noticed The Black Moth was fading as Nurse Matilda stood on the Cherry Tree Perch , Nine Little Goslings were handing out High Wages, and under The Belfry, A Whiff of Burnt Boats was strong.

Later, while The Warden went To Bed with Grand Music looking for The Capricorn Bracelet, Eight Cousins passed by, A Gentleman of Leisure looked in and with a glance at the temperature gauge on the greenhouse said No Surrender, and I cut some asparagus with The Diamond in the Window.

Carefully raking a seed bed in preparation for sowing, I saw that There is No Dog, and remembered A Tangle of Magicks made At the Earth’s Core – Before the Swallow Dares - that there would be A Year in the Country.

As I admired the fragrant flowers and luxuriant planting I saw that the garden was indeed Elsewhere, full of The Winds of Heaven.


A fun exercise, Cornflower. Here is a link to my attempt:


As I walked the hills of Orkney hoping to find A Discovery of Witches but afraid to Trespass in Madensky Square, I heard The Name of the Wind roar across the Island of Wings towards the River of Smoke; sounding like The Song for Achilles and carrying The Dinosaur Feather in its wake. Clutching The Moth Diaries I wished I had brought The Lady Cyclist's Guide to Kashgar along too. So I gave up my quest and returned to A Town Like Alice and decided to join The JM Barrie Ladies' Swimming Society!


Splendid, Rosie!


Many thanks for that, Belle.


Another good one! Thank you, Chiara.

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