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wow big tsundoku towers! One of my new year reading resolutions was to reduce the pile of my tsundoku books but it hasn't been smaller yet..


You are a tsundoku's master apparently!

I read 'Here & Now' by Auster and Coetzee in March. You need to be interested in both men (which is my case) to like the book.
I try to resist to 'The Round House' ('Shadow Tag' is still waiting in my piles *cough*).
And I am curious of the title of your Persephone's (just on the top of one pile in case you have more than one of their books waiting).


And those are just some of my towers!


I ought to say by way of explanation that everything you see there (apart from one book which I bought) has been sent to me by a publisher.
The Persephone on top of the pile is their collection of short stories (their hundredth book) and "Heat Lightning" by Helen Hull is there as well.


My postman would hate me if I was sent so many books (but it would be fine for me ;)

I am currently reading 'The Persephone Book of Short Stories' (one each day during this month). I have discovered this publisher on the blogs and know nearly none of the authors of their catalog, so I have been thinking it would be a good way to get acquainted.
I read the short story written by Helen Hull two days ago and I am still puzzled.


Yes, the poor postmen, I feel for them given the extra weight they have to carry in their bags on my account!
I've been reading Persephone books since not long after the company was founded so I've built up a pretty representative collection (all housed in order on a shelf, not on the floor!). My favourites include Mollie Panter-Downes and Dorothy Whipple.

Christine Harding

I feel much better about the To Be Read stacks (and the electronic TBRs) now I know there's a word for it!


That's a good way to look at it!


So now I know. Only bought one today but my favourite bookshop was having an everything goes for £1 sale, and that is impossible to resist!


You were very restrained, Mary.


Love it! Thanks, Cornflower. But how is it pronounced?


I just sent a Facebook mssg. item about that word to my local bookshop - since I was in there today & buying. :-)


I hope you're not complaining about being sent all those books :-)

Dark Puss

Tsundoku? Well it's one word for it I suppose! :-))


Well, what can I say. SO true about me... Also, like always, it makes me happy to know I am not the only one...


I've just had a giggle picturing the dogs having a good old scamper amongst your stacks, Karen!


I think we'll have to ask Michi.


No! Though housing them is becoming tricky - there's a lot more than is shown.


That would be a talking point - bookshops could put up signs saying something like "How about engaging in a little tsundoku?"






The dogs used sometimes to put their paws up on the windowsill to have a look out, but now the piles are such that they can't get close.


Now, how does one go about convincing publishers to send stacks of lovely books like that?? Have to be clever enough to be a blogger/reviewer I guess...oh well.


Hah! How great-must bookmark this one! Those piles look quite familiar to me. I am happy to see someone who has more and maybe even taller piles than my own! :) And no matter how hard I try and how many books I try and read at once, I never seem to make a very big dent in them either. They are like weeds just popping up left and right all over my house...


Very nice, very welcome 'weeds'!!


I'm in a privileged position, I know, and I think that with newspaper coverage of books shrinking even further, the blogs are a good means of spreading the word about new books (and old).

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