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I would choose The Mayor Of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy and The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood.


I'd take everything I could by Kathleen Jamie who I've just discovered.


Lovely bag! I'd take a few things from the top of my very long to-read list, including _The Deptford Trilogy_ by Robertson Davies, _Apollo's Angels: A History of Ballet_ by Jennifer Homans, and _The Long Ships_ by Frans Bengtsson.


Oh, this isn't easy. I'd take the opportunity to reread John Fowles, maybe Daniel Martin or The Magus, along with one of the books from the pile I've just received for my birthday, probably Joanne Harris' Sleep, Pale Sister.


I'd take Wanderlust - Rebecca Solnit's book about the history of walking and Margaret Attwood's collected poems.

(But don't put me in the draw, I've more than enough cotton tote bags!!!)


I would bring something by Tolkien and probably stories by Sarah Orne Jewett! Love the bag--please enter me. Thanks!


Great bag! I've been reading the Anne Zouroudi Seven Deadly Sins series but I've still got two to go, so I'd take those and follow them with some Donna Leon and the first Martin Walker book. I did enjoy the Food Programme on sleuthing nosh.

Di McDougall

Love to attend the festival one day! to pack the bag: I want to read some W G Sebald. I have a Dorothy Whipple to grace the bag. When I travel my T S Eliot anthology goes with me and some Ann Bridge for light relief. Oh and there is a Richard Powers in my tbr pile.

Roxane Stoner

I would pack "Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell" by Susanna Clarke and "The Moonstone" by Wilkie Collins

Susan in TX

Love the bag! I would pack The Bone Season that you blogged about yesterday (and like you, I do NOT read a lot of dystopian lit, but you sold me on this one), and I would pack my current reading, Robert Massie's Nicholas and Alexandra (nonfiction that reads like fiction - gotta love that!). If weight were not an issue, I would probably throw in a few more because I inevitably overpack books wherever I go, so in would go The Garment of Shadows by Laurie King, and the next CBG selection. I do love making lists... :)


Where to start. I could fill that lovely bag to overflowing but, if I've got to choose, I'll go for A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth and the latest CBG choice. It arrived today and looks very promising. Don't put me in the draw - I too have lots of bags. It'll be a great prize for someone though.


Rereads -Stoner and Elizabeth Taylors Short Stories.
A new S.J, Bolton and the poetry anthology Staying Alive.
I would send the bag to my student daughter doing her masters in 19th century lit. She is a book savage and is presently using a ratty tote bag that drives me mad !


Oh please include me in the draw.

I would take Alexander McCall Smith's latest books which I have not yet read: "Bertie plays the Blues" and "Trains and Lovers"

These would make perfect reading for a trip.Not exciting--rather more contemplative so good for putting down and picking up again.

But I think that AMcCS's decision to leave Bertie as a perpetual 6-year old is a shame. Me--I'd like to see him grow up and even marry. His mother would make the perfect fiendish mother-in-law.


I would definitely bring something light-it is hard for me to concentrate on a tough read when I am away from home. I might bring Anthony Marshall's two books about selling used books: "Trafficking in Old Books" and "Fossicking For Old Books." I am half-way through the first one and the chapters are each a separate story so it would work well for travel, and I assume the second is also. I probably would bring my Nook also, so that I had options. Options are always good!


I am delighted by Kate Atkinson's books, but can never be far from my Sherlock Holmes.


I would stuff the bag with 'Beautiful Ruins' by Jess Walter, 'South from Granada' by Gerald Brenan, 'Light shining in the Forest' by Paul Torday and the doorstop sized 'The Sagas of Icelanders'...It will have to be a very long trip!


Oh, if weight wasn't a problem, then I think it's a magic book bag. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Kind of like the Sorting Hat in Harry Potter - you put your hand in the boo kbag and out pops a book that you just need for that moment in your life! :-)

For the books I would take, as my heart is heavy these days, When God was a Rabbit, The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Society, The Humans (by Matt Haig), The Night Rainbow - these are all read before but comfort. For the new I'd like to bring the latest Rebus (still to be published) novel from Ian Rankin, and/or the latest Jackson Brodie from Kate Atkinson.

Thanks! That was fun just thinking that up!


I would pack Wind in the Willows, Bleak House and Dracula.


If weight weren't an issue, I'd be getting stuck in to The Love-charm of Bombs which unfortunately in real life I've barely started as it isn't a handbag book. I'd also pack Elizabeth jane Howard's forthcoming finale to the Cazalet novels as I read several of them back to back on holiday years ago. In reality, I rarely read on the move - might miss something out of the window!

Barbara M.

Lovely bag! I think it is time to re-read Mary Stewart's Merlin trilogy........would that be too heavy? Of course, I could always load them onto the Kindle and then just bring one of her paperback romances to round out the trip.

Thanks for the chance to win....
Barbara M. In NH, just home from a lovely trip to Maine


I've been meaning to read David Copperfield this year so this imagined trip would be a great opportunity. If I need a break, I'll bring the Persephone Book of Short Stories. For a bit of variety, a couple of mysteries--the next Rebus (I just started the series and am reading the early ones in order) and maybe one of Susan Hill's Simon Serrailer books.


Right now it would be The Firebird by Susanna Kearsley and Beneath The Abbey Wall by A.D. Scott.

Kim Davaz

I would love to tuck "Excellent Women" by Barbara Pym and "The Phantom Toolbooth" by Norton Juster into the bag, both old favorites I'm ready to read again.


What a fab bag!
I'd pack some poetry - The Missing by Sian Hughes because I've heard great things about it.
I'd want some Amelie Nothomb, perhaps The Life of Hunger.
And finally, I'd pack the Bible, which goes everywhere with me.


I've been downloading the Guardian Books podcasts from the festival but haven't got to them yet - it's all Women's Hour and The Archers lately. As for my book would have to be my copy of the Persephone Book of Short Stories and A World of Love by Elizabeth Bowen.
Luck to everyone!

Madame Là-Bas

I just finished the Navigator of New York by Wayne Johnston,a great book about exploration. I also really enjoyed Flight Behaviour by Barbara Kingsolver.


Of course on top would be the Gardam for the book group. And for another local touch can't wait for the new Rebus!! That would be marvellous holiday reading. Not to forget the books on my TBR pile especially those that are gifts and not my own particular choices.


I am currently immersed in Kate Atkinson's books, so they would be in, as well as any of Barbara Kingsolver's books.

Travellin' Penguin Pam

I would like to take The Mateship of Birds by Carrie Tiffany, an Australian novel getting a lot of press. I'd also find something very long, maybe Ken Follett's latest book just to keep me from getting bored in my plane seat that I wouldn't finish before the flight ended.

Carol G

My new knitting book on Icelandic Knitting, my new cookery book called Meatless Mondays and my current novel - The Silent Wife.

I have a great collection of Romantic Poetry that I'd love to reread on a long trip, as well as Paradise Lost and something by Neil Gaiman or Terry Bisson. Please stick me in the draw. (But thanks, most of all, for providing the closeups of the illustration -- it's charming.)


Gaudy night and pride and prejudice. And sock knitting

Nib's End

It'll be a long trip by plane and I'm sitting on the aisle so no need to be torn about looking out the window. I'll be gone for weeks so I need something thick. Yes, David Copperfield or Our Mutual Friend, The Poisonwood Bible because I've only read that one once, Cry the Beloved Country because it yanks at me so, and as long as I'm fantasizing, something new by Patricia McKillip that is as good as her Riddle Master trilogy. It will show up in my mailbox just as I am ready to leave. For the trip home I'll get something from a used bookstore that I've never heard of and can't believe I've never read.

Char Brooks

What a great bag--thanks for the chance to win it.
I would pack books about gardens--Maybe Gladys Taber or Kathleen Swift.


I'd choose The children's book, by Byatt and What's bred in the bone, by Robertson Davies. I read the first one year ago, but I'm going to read again soon. And the second would be the first time (I loved Manticore, but I haven't had the opportunity to read this one yet).


Blood and Beauty by Sarah Dunant and The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt which I am so looking forward to. Oh,and did you know that Amy Tan, Anita Shreve, Elizabeth Gilbert all have new books coming out and then there's is Edwidge Danticat's new one Claire of the Sea Light exciting!


That's a very generous offer and Id love a bag like that.
What a hard question! I think I'd take David Copperfield to hide in, in case of any travel problems. Plus a book I hadn't read before, maybe something by Thackeray, as I've only read Vanity Fair. I reckon I could squeeze in a paperback Diary of a Nobody, too, or Lake Wobegon Days. Something funny, anyway.

Reel thorts: I'd cheat by taking my Kindle.


Ooooh I could take all the Maisie Dobbs books I haven't read.


Sorry, I clearly put my comment in the wrong blog!
I think Grace and Mary by Melvyn Bragg and The Quarry by Iain Banks would be good reading on that journey.
Please put my name in the hat, Cornflower.

Reply 21 August 2013 at 05:06 PM


I remember a long trip through Europe on a camper van when I read The Neverending Story (the film had just come out); I suspect nowadays I wouldn't be able to read while on the road, but I'd love to finally tackle China Mieville's Bas-Lag trilogy - I read and loved Perdido Street Station a few years ago, but never managed The Scar or The Iron Council. Thank you for the giveaway, the bag is lovely!

Alison P

For a long journey it would have to be A Suitable Boy and Shantaram - both have been sitting on my TBR pile for longer than I can remember waiting for me to have the time to dive into such weighty tomes!


I would pack The New House by Lettice Cooper (because I need it sooo much again), than Virago's omnibus of The Provincial Lady (that's what I'm reading now)and perhaps something by Angela Thirkell (Three Houses?).
Thank you, it was fun.


A S Byatt's books are always an absorbing read, Possession and The Children's Book are favourites. If it was a very long journey, I would take the opportunity to re-read the Barchester Chronicles by Trollope. I'd need a large bag to carry them all in.

Susan Spears Scott

I love the bag and the saying on the front which would apply to my mom and me both. The book I would pack to read would be: The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill. Thanks from Shelburne, Nova Scotia!


Such a lovely bag. I'd take all lthe books by Adriana Trigiani one of my favorite authors. Happy day to you from Los Osos, California up on the Central Coast.


Walden Pond by Thoreau. I have tried to read this book too many times to count and only get part-way before I become distracted. I live near Walden Pond and would like to be able to truthfully say that I have read the entire book!

Thank you for the chance to enter your book bag giveaway! I have just the knitting project for it!


I'd take Jane Eyre (never tire of it) and my favourite read from last year, Into the Silence by Wade Davis. Both are long enough to keep me occupied during a long journey. I'll be starting a new knitting project soon(ish). This would be the perfect bag!! I really enjoy your blog all the way from the west coast of Canada!


I'd take The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon, I can't wait to read this, and have been following her progress and blog since you mentioned it sometime back, then I'd add Moominland Midwinter by Tove Jansson, as I need to read it at least once a year (dark and thoughtful!)! Finally I'd add something by Elizabeth Bowen as, to my shame, I've never read anything by her!


Hmmm. I think I'd take Bleak House, since Dickens appeals but takes time, and Jessica Mitford's Love in a Cold Climate, which I have wanted to read for ages.

(At the present moment, as I am hurtling into the end of the summer vacation with new exchange student daughter and temporary guest [from Norway and Japan, respectively] and permanent son still working summer job and elder permanent son still traveling in Nepal, I am enjoying the 4th (?) Flavia de Luce novel, Speaking from among the Bones. In between grocery shopping trips!)

Marina McIntire

Heavens, but I NEED THIS BAG. Sorry for shouting! I've been ill and am still recovering. I have had the worst sort of side effects - all unexpected and still struggling.
So. What would I put in there? At least three books (a Donna Leon, a Colin Cotterill, and one other), plus a new shawl knitting project, called "Saroyan." (How much more literary can we become?) Because of my physical situation at the moment, I've been living in Crazy City, unable to read or to knit. My definition of h#ll.
Thanks for all you do!!!

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