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What an excellent line up! I have all three books and am reading the Gardam now--hopefully will be able to read along with all three.

Elizabeth Guster

I have the first two books-they are among my favourites - and I know I will love The Pillow Book as much as I love the others! I also have The Shooting Party DVD with a wonderful performance by John Gielgud among others. Can't wait to start!


Good choices. I hope to read the Shooting Party with you. I expect there will a few reading themes going on next year and as we approach the centenary of the First World War it would be good to read a novel set in 1913. I'll see if the library can produce a copy for me.


Like Crusoe's Daughter, I already have a copy of The Shooting Party, dating back to its first appearance in paperback, although unlike the Gardam novel, I did actually read it then and very much enjoyed it as I recall! Since that was back in the 80's, I can't remember much about the story so I will enjoy revisiting it.
The Pillow Book will take me out of my reading comfort zone, but I will definitely give it a try!


I'm just waiting for Crusoe's daughter to get to me. My local library service has the other two, I've reserved The Shooting party to start with

Julia Harle

I am very much enjoying Crusoe's Daughter. It is so easy to forget how isolated people could be in those days. I look forward to the other 2 books.


Great! Thanks, Danielle.


I saw the film recently and it was that which prompted me to re-read the book (having first read it years ago). I thought James Mason was very good in it, but really the whole cast is excellent.


I hope the library can produce a copy, Claire - I checked one or two library systems (just to get an indication of availability) and they had it.


I have the film tie-in edition of TSP from way back!
I've heard good things of The Pillow Book so I hope we'll all enjoy it.


You're quick off the mark, Karoline!


I'm greatly enjoying it, too, Julia.


Crusoe's Daughter just arrived and the Shooting Party is already here. Sounds like good reading ahead....


The Pillow Book has a timeless quality, perhaps because of the writer's voice. It's a long time since I first encountered it - in a creative writing course, so I will enjoy a revisit.

Margaret @ BooksPlease

Was The Shooting Party film shown on TV - I seem to remember watching something that sounds like this years ago?

Anyway I went to Barter Books in Alnwick this week and there was a hardback copy of the book sitting on the shelves - I bought it, of course and began reading it whilst having a cup of coffee. It's looking like a book I'm going to enjoy very much.

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