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I think you have much of that clarity and fluency as a communicator too! Lovely post Karen. Thank you - it sounds like it was a wonderful experience to be there.


You're very kind, Freda.
It was a marvellous and memorable occasion.


What a wonderful occasion, the subject, the surroundings and the speakers. Facinating to hear all about it - thank you. I see now why you've been reading The Inklings. It must have been useful to have done some reading around your subject before the event.


Yes, it was good background reading. I'd have read the biography even if I hadn't been going to the event, but it was useful to have that overview. Of course, hearing talks such as those on Saturday opens many possible reading trails!

Margaret Stedman

Ah! I am green with envy and after reading your report I shall commence yet another journey to Narnia tonight. Perhaps just such an indulgence will transport me back to a younger self? Along with millions of others I have fond memories of my first introduction to C S Lewis, the proof of which is my dog eared set of The Chronicles.


What a wonderful account of a marvellous day. As you know, I'm currently (re)reading Alan Garner, and feel now that I ought to balance him with Lewis - I have the same Puffin paperbacks as you.


Yes, my copies show signs of appropriate 'wear' too! Enjoy your re-read, Margaret.


I'm tempted by those later Alan Garner novels after reading your post, Annabel, and hearing what Lord Williams had to say. How super that you got to hear the man himself recently.


Thank you so much for posting this, I am fascinated by the Inklings and love any news of any of them. What a marvellous occasion it must have been.
After reading your post I took out 'Surprised by Joy', by C.S Lewis and have started to re-read it.
Yes, I have those Puffin paperbacks too, my children were all members of the Puffin Club (someone must have filled up the form!), we had some lovely times at their gatherings, meeting authors and illustrators and so on.


It was a great pleasure to be there and I'm glad to be able to report on the occasion for anyone who is interested.
All the speakers said so much of interest, but it was particularly special to hear from Mr. Hooper and Mr. Harwood whose recollections of C.S. Lewis were such personal ones.

Dancing Beastie

What a treat to be a part of that, and what a fine synopsis of it all. We watched A. N. Wilson's programme on Lewis last night on BBC4 and enjoyed it very much. It was striking that those who had known Lewis best were those who spoke most warmly of him.

I had the same edition of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe as a child: how I loved it and its strange drawings! It was enormously influential in shaping my attitudes to Christianity too. Yet I must confess that, on first reading the Narnia stories to my own children, I was rather disappointed. Perhaps that is the fault of the reader, not the books, however. A child reader is immersed in the world - I remember pushing through those fur coats and out into the snowy darkness of Narnia - whereas an adult sees only the text. Alas.


I did enjoy last night's programme, and you're right about those who knew him speaking so warmly of him; he sounds like a very caring man.
When I first read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe I didn't care much for Turkish Delight, so to truly put myself in the scene where Edmund is tempted by the witch I had to pretend it was chocolate she was offering him. That's a very vivid memory! I'm glad to say I was swept up by the book's magic again all these years later.


A really interesting post that I shall revisit.
Thank you for sharing your experience. It sounds like a very rewarding and enjoyable time was had with much food for thought.

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