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Adele Geras

No real plans, Cornflower! Just move from book to book, going from one to the next.....will try not to buy more till I've made SOME inroads on the TBR pile. Loving The goldfinch, by the way....

My husband and I are going to read a challenging book each month and then go on a long hike and discuss it. First up - The Better Angels of our Natures by Stephen Pinker. I'm also reading two OUP Very Short Intros (Capitalism and Neoliberalism) and the Communist Party Manifesto because I want to try and understand what is wrong with the world, not just get angry about it.

Also presently reading Slow Reading In A Hurried Age by David Mikics, which is a marvellous toolkit for resisting the Internet and really engaging with books.

Parenthetically, do you ever listen to In Our Time, Melvyn Bragg's programme on Radio 4? Today was Plato's Symposium and it was excellent.

Susan in TX

I'm going to try as much as possible to read from the treasure trove I have amassed on my shelves. Last year someone had a challenge related to the same entitled, "Embarrassment of Riches" - I can't think of a better title! Related to that is to slow down on the buying. I say that every year, but this year it is resonating more. We'll see how it goes!


Glad to hear The Goldfinch is going down well as I have it on my (large) TBR pile!


You are to be commended, Mefinx!
I'm off to look up "Slow Reading ...", but before I go, yes, I do enjoy In Our Time, and should resolve to make a point of listening each week, rather than just catching it as and when.


"Embarrassment of Riches" - that's a good way to look at it!


Well I am very tempted by Simon's Century of books although at the rate I'm reading at the moment I think I'd better choose this century rather than the last one.


I am determined to make inroads into my husband's book collection. I DO dip into his poetry shelves --usually with unsatisfactory results as 20th century poets interest me only minimally; are they really writing poetry? I would frequently argue this point. But his literary forays are more intellectual than mine, in 5 languages, and it is time to polish up my grey cells while they still function.

I am well away with "The Goldfinch" and this is a book I will recommend to my other half--doesn't happen often as he reads very little fiction. When we married, 38 years ago, we pressed lists of our favorite books upon each other. We both hate to admit that they remain mostly unread.


Maybe a century spread over a couple of years? I like the sound of that, too.


5 languages: that's impressive!
The swapping of the book lists is delightful, even if you haven't made the inroads you'd perhaps intended.

I think IOT has been a bit hit-and-miss of late but this really was terrific.


Thanks so much for the recommendation.


My resolution should be to Read Presently as Simon T. does Those books so often are neglected for the next new and shiny thing!! But I love the Cornflower book group choices for taking me into such interesting reading places. And for the discussion of course


Every year I say that I am going to 'read from home' and every year I fall by the wayside after a couple of months because something else has caught my attention but I really will make an effort to cut back on buying books - if only because a down-size beckons and at this rate I will need a removal van for books alone!

I do make an effort to read the Cornflower Book Club choice and will definitely be acquiring a copy of Tom's Midnight Garden as an addition to Nonna's Bookshelf as at the rate 5-year-old Amelia is going, she will be at the standard to read it sooner rather than later!
Maybe this year will be when I finally read Patrick O'Brian after having the first couple of books on my shelves for years; and a re-read of Under Milk Wood beckons too (the only poetry we did in school that I actually remember!)


I agree, Simon's 'Reading Presently' is a great idea.


Dylan Thomas is certainly easier to fit into the year than the whole Aubrey/Maturin series, but I'd say (on the basis of having read only the first book) give Patrick O'Brian a go!


i have thoroughly enjoyed the whole Aubrey/Maturin series in the past but did find myself beginning to wish for more time on land with the captain's wife and children. I meant to re-read them this past summer when I was somewhat inactive after a hip replacement but I settled for the Hornblower books instead as I hadn't read all of the and finding them on Kindle was a big treat. Now I am thinking of Patrick O'Brian again and looking forward to them.


I had no idea it was the centenary year of Patrick O'Brian--hmm, I have always meant to try him! It's sort of dangerous to tell me these things! I have a few reading plans--or at least ideas to begin the new year with--a short list of books I'd like to read...I expect my reading will veer off sooner or later, but it's fun to have an idea of where to start. I do want to read more local/regional authors and plan on rereading all the Laura Ingalls Wilder books--am off to a good start with those. There is always so much going on in the online book world that I tend to stray so easily from my own plans! :)


He does stand re-reading, doesn't he?


Too much to tempt us (and we're too easily tempted!).

Sarah Williams

I am a bit late to this, but here are my few reading plans for the year. I won't even attempt to say I won't buy new books. That is just setting myself up for failure. :)
Instead, I will read a book I currently own. When I finish it, I will allow myself to purchase a new book. For my cozy crime books that I enjoy, I will go to the library to borrow those.

I love the idea of MeFinx's of a shared reading experience and going off somewhere with few distractions to talk about it.

I recently finished The Goldfinch. I really enjoyed it, especially when Theo returns to NYC. Your post about Jonathan Strange makes me want to re-read it as I don't think I gave enough true attention when I first read it. Happy Reading.


Your approach sounds eminently sensible, Sarah.

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