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Alice C

Go Karen! I hope that you are as entranced by Plantagenet, Glencora et al as I am. To be fair, I am taking the lazy route and listening to the inspired readings by Timothy West but I know you are made of sterner stuff.


I am embarrased to say that I have not read 'Pride and Prejudice' and keep on meaning to get to it. I have read 'Persuasion' and 'Northanger Abbey' and enjoyed those.


I loved The Warden, but had to leave Barchester Towers in the middle of it about 2 months ago to read other things. I MUST get back to it before I forget all the characters and their troubles.

Susan in TX

This is my year of reading people I've never read but that are waiting on my shelves for me - a wide range: Ernest Hemingway, Dorothy Whipple, Kate Summerscale, and Tracy Chevalier, to name a handful.


Treats in store!


I'm sure I'm going to love The Warden and I'm tempted to start right away but I must finish my current book first.


I hope you will love Pride & Prejudice, too, Ed. Something to look forward to.


Timothy West must be perfect for those books!

Margaret Powling

I have the full set of Barchester novels on the shelf ... they've been there longer than I care to admit, at least 20 years. I occastionally pick up The Warden, and the put it back. I know they are supposed to be good, but with so many lovely books to read ...
I loved the TV series, by the way, in the 1980s, and I expect you saw that.


I didn't see it, but wasn't Nigel Hawthorne one of the stars? I might seek it out.

Susan in TX

Is that the one with a very young Alan Rickman? We enjoyed that one, but I think it only covered the first 2 books.


I loved The Warden and hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I have managed since to read Barchester Towers (a favorite of many, but the first book still has the number 1 place in my heart) and Dr. Thorne.

The “new to me” author for this year is going to be Sheridan Le Faneau. I have Uncle Silas on schedule to be read soon. I like Dickens and Wilkie Collins, so I hope this will be as good.


That's the one - a great cast!


Le Fanu cropped up, in a manner of speaking, in Dorothy L. Sayers' Gaudy Night which I read recently: Harriet Vane was doing some research on him.
I haven't read him, but hope he lives up to expectations, Ruthiella.


The Barchester Chronicles is one of the best TV programmes ever! I love it!


Now I'm keener than ever!


Maybe Cornflower Books should set up an extended read of the Barchester novels so that we can all finally get around to reading them. I think group participation is the only way I will get around to them!!


Thank you for the prompt, Julie!


This is going to be my Middlemarch year - this posting has persuaded me! I have had it in mind for some years but have always been deterred by it's length when there are so many other TBR's waiting for me, especially as many of these I order from the Library and they have their own built in deadline.
I have the Barsetshire novels on my wish list too, but feel I really must engage with Dorothea first. I may promise myself the Trollope if I finish Middlemarch!


Best of luck, Margaret!

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