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I read most of her books in my younger days. She's especially remembered here in Australia for Sara Dane, her historical novel of a woman who is sent to Australia as a convict & works her way up. It was made into a TV series in the 80s (I think). I've also downloaded POAG as I don't remember reading it. Even if I have, I'll enjoy reading her again. Although the Pulped Fiction broadcast you linked to the other day focused on more literary writers, there are several authors like Gaskin who were very popular in their day & have now sunk without trace. Catherine Gavin & Evelyn Anthony are two more who wrote both historical fiction & contemporary thrillers. I think all three would be worth reprinting, even if only as ebooks rather than print.


The only one I remember just now is A Falcon For a Queen, yet I think I read more of her books long ago, before I started to keep my little notebook.

Di McDougall

Yes, I also read her books many a long year ago with great enjoyment and look forward now to seeing if the pleasure is still there.


I vaguely remember Sara Dane. I seem to recall my mum getting them from the library.

Margaret Powling

I adored Blake's Reach which caused me to fall in love with the Romney Marsh even before I ever visited there. I do think her earlier books superior to her later ones and in particular I enjoyed Edge of Glass.


I remember this author well and was just discussing her with a visitor over on Random Jottings funnily enough. Along with Mary Stewart and madeleine Brent, Catherine Gaskin was one of my must read authords when I was in my teens. Sara Dane was my first and I really enjoyed that one and have read many of her others. Will have to keep an eye out for them now.

Does anybody remember Dorothy Eden? She wrote crime/romantic books which I used to enjoy.


Gosh I remember reading Catherine Gaskin, what a blast from the past and Mary Stewart too. I also enjoyed the books by Evelyn Anthony and I know that I must have read Dorothy Eden too, as the name sounds familiar. Does anyone remember Elizabeth Gouge and Anya Seaton? I got swept away with their novels too as a teenager.


Oh you bring back some teenage nostalgia--nice, long, pappy reads; predictable and comforting. Anya Seaton was another one. "Katherine" was my favorite of hers. But I wouldn't put Elizabeth Goudge in the same C+ rated group. Goudge is a B+ definitely! (Just my personal ratings of course)

Barbara M.

And don't forget Norah Lofts.....I read all her books when I was young and loved them. I've reread some lately, and they hold up well, just hard to find.

Another writer I have loved is Neville Shute.....not a great writer but a wonderful storyteller. I especially like "In the Wet" ...... Too bad the only way to find his books is in the charity shops now.

Barbara M. In NH


I loved Catherine Gaskin's novels when I was a teenager in the 70's (no such thing as YA novels in those days - or none that crossed my reading path anyway) I am pretty sure that I have read Property of a Gentleman but the one I remember most clearly is the first one I read - A Falcon for a Queen - as I acquired it while on a very soggy holiday in the Scottish Borders when I was about 15 and absolutely adored it!
I read all the other authors mentioned too at around the same period and remember thoroughly enjoying Dorothy Eden. I think she was best known for Gothic suspense novels although I really enjoyed her book about the love affair between Irish politician Charles Parnell and Kitty O'Shea which his rivals used to discredit him.
I now have a dreadful craving to go and read some of them again!


I can't recall Catherine Gaskin, though I have remedied the situation with a reservation at our library.

Margaret Powling

I am loving reading Catherine Gaskin's The Summer of the Spanish Woman. I started this, but didn't finish it, when it was first published, but have now bought a good 2nd hand copy and it really is a gem, so evocative of not only the era in which the book is set (1900-1936) but also the era, 36+ years ago in which it was written (very long paragraphs which are so out of fashion today, for example.)
I have now ordered Edge of Glass on the strength of my memory. Will I love it as much now as I did almost 40 years ago? I wonder ...

Carol S

Sold! How persuasive you all are here, thanks.

Margaret Powling

Just a follow-up note: I am enjoying The Summer of the Spanish Woman more than I thought possible. Thank you, Cornflower, for reminding me of Catherine Gaskin (not that this reader had ever really forgotten her!) The descriptions of the landscape, the production of sherry, the ways of the Spanish (we are talking around 1900) are all beautifully explained in this delightful novel. I am reading it very slowly to savour it, just as I would one of the 'copitas' which the characters regularly drank. This is romantic novel-writing at its best.

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