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Dark Puss

Well done you!! P xx


I had a big clear out of books I was never going to read last week and feel a lot better for it.


I did a culling of books when I moved (nowhere like your collection) and am glad I did though I felt really bad when I did it. Reading on Kindle and on the computer has helped me a lot. I love the picture both this and the previous post.

Margaret Powling

I had a bit clear our of books about a year ago, well over the 100 mark, and I decided instead of carting them anywhere, I'd get the British Heart Foundation to come and collect them. Which they did. I shall have to have a cull again shortly ...
Sorry to hear about the injury to Mr Cornflower ... but yes, that'll larn him. How unkind we all are to sports injuries, i.e. they are self-inflicted, no sport, no injury, QED.


In the Galleria in Hatfield on Saturday I found a book"shop" where everything was free, help yourself up to 3 items per visit, to save books from going into landfill. I didn't take any. But considered donating some (although I will probably stay loyal to Oxfam). Does this go on elsewhere?


Well done!It will feel really good later.

PS Did you see that the perfume book described Panhaligon's Bluebell as 'repellent'?!! Oh dear, I don't think I've repelled anyone yet (but would I know?)


I am going to have to have a similar large scale clear out very soon as having senior daughter plus partner and baby granddaughter moving back in with us has deprived me of a lot of book storage space to make room for the contents of their former London flat (and give them some private space)
Currently I have homeless books stacked up in boxes which have to be negotiated every time I need to use the tumble drier (which, with a 20 week old in the house, is quite frequently) but I know this can't go on and I really will have to be ruthless. Quite frankly I am dreading it!
Re: lack of sympathy for sporting injuries - the same attitude applies to medical staff at A& E too according to my other half. In his football days,(a couple of decades ago, when he played on both Saturday and Sunday and trained twice a week too, he refused to tell the nurses and doctors how he had hurt himself if he needed medical attention for a sport related injury as, in his words "they were brutal if you did"

Lizzy Siddal

I'd be interested in your culling criteria ... I have a room of books to clear by October so that houseguests can find their bed! All help appreciated ....


I wish I had an easy answer! It's taking several 'passes' over each pile to decide what stays and what goes - I'm too quick to see the potential merit in a book; that said, asking the question 'would I buy this?' is helpful.

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