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Cornflower book group

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B R Wombat

Yes, please! Not that I'm an avid contributor, but I do enjoy it when I manage to join in. I'm sure there are many of us missing it.


Thank you, B R!

Nicole D

It would be lovely to see your book group return. I'm relatively new to reading your blog and looking forward to joining in this time.


That's great! Thank you so much, Nicole.


I've not come across the group before but I'm interested. The two month cycle seems more doable than monthly.


I'm another in favour. The books you chose were a really interesting group of books. Wishing you a wonderful 2015.

Susie Vereker


Lory @ Emerald City Book Review

As you know (because I asked about it) I am interested! Your previous book choices are just my style. I would look forward to whatever is next.


It does, doesn't it? Despite the best of intentions, an 'extra' book per month can be too much, so a more leisurely pace should suit lots of us.
I hope you'll join us, Bookertalk, and thank you for your interest.


Thank you, Jade, and all the best to you, too.


Great, Susie!


Thanks, Lory.


I would like to give it a go. It's always nice to read a book chosen by someone else. Wilma


I would be interested. I particularly like the thought of a two month time frame.


You'll be most welcome, Wilma.


I'm glad that appeals. Thank you, Cat.

Bride of the Book God

I would very much like to join in. Haven't participated in the past but have always enjoyed reading the posts. I really like the idea of a two month time frame too.


Sounds perfect for me.would love to try .


The best type of news for the new year! Our last group read In This House of Brede made a lasting and joyous impression. So very glad that you are considering reinstating the book group. For those who are new to it, and there seem to be quite a number here, it is a unique and delightful experience, facilitated as it is by such a wise, widely read guide


Thank goodness dear Cornflower that you have brought up the book group as I have missed it. I have enjoyed being part of this as on several occasions I have read books I wouldn't necessarily have chosen to read or that I knew about. In every case I have enjoyed the choice. I have also missed the reveal and the anticipation of what will we be reading next. I do think every two months is good because sometimes life and other reading commitments can get a bit pressing. I hope we will be reading another book in the Cornflower book group soon and thank you for your thoughtful choices so far.

Spade & Dagger

I'm in for this - a book every other month sounds about right, especially with plenty of notice.

Susan in TX

Count me in, as well! A leisurely pace and flexible schedule is always good.


Count me in please.


I've missed it too, although I rarely managed to keep up with the group! But I was always interested in your choices, even when I was lagging behind.


PS Will there still be cake?

Christi ~ Sweetpea Path

New Year's greetings from America ~

I have been reading here for just a little while now and so I've already grown quite fond of the types of books covered. But I did not know you previously offered a book group, what fun! Of course I would love to join in. Am pleased about the every other month idea for I do think I'd need that kind of time to present some semblance of keeping up ;>]] Thank you very much.

Christi, in the Pacific Northwest


Yes, I would like to join in!


Yes, I would join in, too.
I got to read some things I wouldn't have chosen and didn't enjoy them all, and some I already knew, so I think it was a good balance! We need to move out of our comfort uones sometimes!!




You're very kind, Martina.


Thank you, Jill.


Now all I have to do is choose a good book!


Thanks, Susan.


Excellent, Lina.


I hope so!


Welcome, Christi!


Thanks, Ayla.


We do!

Christine Harding

That would be nice! I didn't always comment, but I enjoyed looking at what people had to say. Every other month is perfect - not too much pressure on us (or you!) and leaves plenty of time for other reading.


I hope so, Christine, and I'm glad to see this level of support. Thank you.


As a lot of other people have said, the Cornflower Book Club persuaded me to pick up books I might otherwise have not read but ended up greatly enjoying so I would be very happy if you were willing to start it again!


Super! Thank you.


That's good to hear. Thanks, Liz.

Dark Puss

Yes of course I'd like to see it return. I felt slightly towards the last year or so that the variety of books was reducing (compared to some of the early ones we read), but I suspect I may be alone in that view. Always read out of your comfort zone I agree!

I fear I may not be taking part every month as sometimes, despite your very best efforts, the book turns out not to be one I can borrow.


My solution to that problem, DP, as I must have mentioned before, is to buy the book if it can't be borrowed, and then once read, donate it to a charity shop - benefits all round! (But of course you must do as you think fit.)

Sounds a great idea. Hope you manage to launch again.
Every two months is perfect.


Glad you think so, and many thanks for your comment.


Happy New Year and hurray for the wonderful news. I've missed the group too, and would love to join in again.


Happy New Year, Michi, and thank you!


Wonderful news! I have missed the book group very much although I had only joined in last year for 'In this House of Brede'. Every two months sounds perfect. I am looking forward to your next choices.
Thanks a lot!

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