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Ooooh, I just bought this myself! It looks very promising, don't you think? Happy New Year Karen! :)


It does look good, and what a super endorsement by Virginia Nicholson.
Happy New Year, Danielle!


Oh no, I'm such a Bloomsbury fan I'm going to be very wary of this. I will read your review and others before I give it a try. Hate the cover so not a good start!


I do like the cover of the Canadian edition - the middle one here:


Yes, that's a bit of an improvement but, for me, the face is still too modern and glamorous for Virginia or Vanessa. I'm going to take some persuading on this one Cornflower!


I suppose they are trying to attract the general readership, assuming the Bloomsbury fans will read it anyway. Let's hope what's inside the cover is suitably authentic!


We'll see...... I wonder if Bloomsbury fans are rather protective. I know after reading a bad review of Virginia in Manhattan by Maggie Gee I couldn't bring myself to read it. But perhaps it's just me. I suppose there's so much material that it's very tempting for authors to use it for a novel. And if it introduces Virginia, Vanessa, Forster etc. to a new audience that's great. I think perhaps I should put doubts to one side and order it from the library!


That's a good plan.
Here's what Ion Trewin, Man Booker literary director, had to say about it: "It is billed as fiction but [...] this brilliant epistolary novel reads as if this is a genuine and revelatory new take on Bloomsbury."


That's heartening - I'll order it from the library in February.

Mrs. Pom

Your post made me go right to Audible. com and download it. Spent a long commute to an assignment and back today listening to it. Just lovely! Thank you!


Great! Glad to hear that, Mrs. P.

Jane Jazz

How fascinating, to take a little dip into Bloomsbury lives (albeit fictional) just at the point where they are about to become the famous people we know and love!


Sad if these covers alienate the faithful and don't attract newcomers. In my opinion all the covers are weak but as we all know...don't judge a book by its cover! Cover designs are driven by marketing departments for good or nil.
Plus, Cornflower, I have comments about babka (cake) which you wrote about in a cakes and lit entry (pertaining to The Glass Room by Simon Mawer). Where should I write?


Yes, always interesting to see something of the earlier path to fame.


Wouldn't it be interesting to spend a day in the design department of a publisher's office and be party to the discussions which drive these decisions?
Here's The Glass Room Books & Cakes post, Phoebe:


Just finished Vanessa and Her Sister and I loved it. The epistolary style gave us different points of view and left the reader to make up their own mind about their take on the situation. The author explained at the end that the majority of 'turning points' actually were documented as happening but the main significant one was conjured as fiction. (I'm trying not to give anything away here!) It has left me wanting to find out more about the Bloomsbury set in their individual capacities.

I will always remember it as my blizzard read!


Hope you're safe and warm, Dorothy, and very glad to hear you enjoyed the book so much!

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