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I can't remember having read Jane Eyre although, like most people, I know the story. It's on the shelves and has been at the back of my mind for a long time to read it. This is just the prompt I need so I will definitely join in.


Meant to say my Oxford World's Classics Middlemarch uses the same illustration on the front cover as your Jane Eyre. "Lady in Grey" by Daniel Macnee which is in the National Gallery of Scotland. I think I'll have a look for her the next time I'm passing. Jane or Dorothea??


Good! Thanks, Claire.


Here she is again:
I've seen the picture in the NGS, but strangely can't find it listed on their website.


My book group had Jane Eyre as our January choice. Like many people I'd read it when I was a child and now re-reading it I was struck by what a difficult book it is - I had to have dictionary handy and I can't have understood half of it when I was younger. My edition is the World's Classics which has a really useful notes section at the back. I'll be really interested to see what everyone else thinks of it, because despite saying it was difficult, I did enjoy it very much.

Christine Harding

Ooh, lovely! Of all the books I love and read again and again, this is my all-time favourite 'return to' novel. However, I would have to say my view of Rochester(one of the great romantic heroes of my younger days) has changed considerably over the years.

Susan in TX

One of our household favorites here. I just finished reading Villette for the first time and have been comparing the two in my head for the last couple of days. (I think one of my dds has the copy in your picture.)


Glad to hear you enjoyed it, Genevieve.


I'm wondering whether my view of Mr. R. will change with this read, Christine, but how lovely that the book is such a favourite of yours!


Super that it's a favourite in your house, too, Susan.


Perfect timing! I have just finished Shirley and was planning a reread of Jane Eyre which I read as a teenager - a very long time ago. From the experience of other recent rereadings I know my perspective is going to be very different.

Bride of the Book God

I've never really got on with Charlotte Bronte (I much prefer Anne) but I think it's about time to give this a go, and a good excuse to re-read The Wide Sargasso Sea as a reward.


I agree, Cat, the change in perspective that many of us will have should be interesting.

Lory @ Emerald City Book Review

Excellent choice! Oddly enough, my senior thesis was also in part about Jane Eyre ("The Interpreting Mirror: The fantasy of realism and the novels of Charlotte Bronte"). Definitely time for a reread.


Loved Jane Eyre years and years ago and so very happy to be re-reading. Excellent choice.


I am also delighted to re-read jane Eyre especially since I recently read Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys. It added another layer to the story and re-reading Jane Eyre as an adult will also add another perspective I suspect.


Great book to kick start the new season of Cornflower Book Club...will enjoy this a lot :-) I have not read this for about 10 yrs so will look forward to the experience.

Margaret M

Thank you for choosing this - I read it a long time ago and need little persuading to become reacquainted with Jane and Mr R. from a more mature perspective.


I always think that I read this in my earlier years, but I'm pretty sure that I have not. I probably saw some video long ago, read a child's version (most likely), or just heard bits of it. I have the B & N Classic version which I just went and got down from my shelf. Oh my, it's a thick book!I'd better start it in March. ;)

Spade & Dagger

How clever of you to have been reading my mind at the weekend - I was just telling everyone that I must read Jane Eyre NEXT (before another year goes by without a first ever Bronte read)!!

B R Wombat

I'm echoing everyone else's enthusiasm. I think it must have been on Open Book on Sunday that I heard one of the most famous quotes from Jane Eyre (my radio is on constantly and I'm never sure where I've heard things) and it went through my mind that I really would like to read it again, so congratulations for being so psychic - it's a great choice.


Count me in. (Having pw woes, so forgive me not signing in. I tried to sign in with my wordpress account, and another person's name has shown up). I'm still enthusiastic about the Brontes, after all these years. I look forward to seeing how it's similar (or different) to Villette.


What a good book to re-start the book club.
Like a lot of people apparently I first read Jane Eyre when I was quite young - around 10 or 11 when I was off school and rather bored.
The initial attraction was the volume itself which appeared to be very old and turned out to be a second edition which had belonged to a maternal great-great-grandmother, but I soon got caught up in the story and it became one of my favourite 'comfort reads' for a lot of years.
I haven't re read it for quite some time as I put the book away 'safe' to keep it out of the reach of marauding children and sadly it is still in the box in the attic despite said children now all being grown up.
I am certain that my take on aspects of it will have changed over the years so I might break with my tradition and read a modern copy - complete with the notes which were absent from my earlier reads.
I'm looking forward to it!


I also read Jane Eyre as a teenager. I am looking forward to re-reading the novel as an adult and from a different perspective. Probably I will also re-read Wide Sargossa Sea which left a strong impression when I read it the first time.


What a lovely choice!


I tried to tackle it as a teenager, but found it difficult to read, I'm happy to say that I decided to have another go two years ago, so I shall decline to re-read, but would love to join in the discussion at the end of April.


I've never read the Jean Rhys, but if I have time I shall perhaps put that right.




I do hope we'll all be glad we've re-read it!


Another mention of WSS - I should flag up that one for anybody who may be interested.


Glad the choice is popular!


My feelings exactly, Margaret.


Yes, it is quite long! (I hadn't remembered that.)




Glad you think so!


My memories of Villette are very vague - amazing how books can just 'vanish'.


Notes can be illuminating.


I wonder what proportion of Jane Eyre readers have also read WSS?


Thank you!


By all means, Chris.


I have read it with several classes, and found it to be one of those books that, though they found it a great deal of work, the students remembered and referred to for years! Maybe this time I'll review it as an audiobook--should be a pleasure!


Also read this with many classes and such a success with them. great choice! and Rhys is the February selection for my book group. Just in the right order for me.

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