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I'm reading The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield and also just started H is for Hawk.

I also got a copy of The Royal We at the library--heir to the British throne marries an American and it has an alternate Royal history (I think Edward VII's first-born doesn't die so there is no George V). The authors run, which is my daily escape reading so I hope it's good.


Yesterday I started Vasili Grossman's 'An Armenian Sketchbook'. Only a few pages in just now but I think it's a good choice.

Lory @ Emerald City Book Review

Jane Eyre! It's been much too long since my last read. So glad to have the chance to discuss this fabulous book.


The Farm by Tom Rob Smith. Excellent. Read it in one go over a few hours. A page-turner!


Just finished Jane Eyre (which I thought I'd read years ago but probably didn't) and now reading another Alice Hoffman, Blue Diary.


Just started The Steady Running of the Hour by Justin Go. So far, so good.

Jane from Dorset

Bellman Black is absorbing and very well written.but somehow I don't think all will end happily; I can't put it down!


I am reading Jane Eyre at the moment and the next book on my list is Wide Sargasso Sea.

Anne B-A

I have just embarked upon Bleak House - I may be a while!! I re-read Jane Eyre at Christmas and absolutely loved it. I viewed it quite differently aged 50 than in my teens when I first read it. An interesting comparison and a good illustration how life changes you.


I'm reading Henrietta Who? Shades of Agatha Christie and very enjoyable.

Spade & Dagger

Just finished Simon Wroe's Chop Chop from the Costa shortlist 2014 - the cover caught my eye in the library - which is a fiction set in a professional kitchen. Despite a promising and amusing first half, the final half was somewhat lacking for my tastes.
Jane Eyre is 70% done and, like Ursula, I have Wide Sargasso Sea lined up - a few sneaky peaks have already got me thinking it could be a vibrant read.

Joan Kyler

I picked up the new Donna Leon, Falling in Love, on Friday. I was looking forward to a nice quiet weekend of reading, but chaos reigns! I'll be lucky to finish it by next weekend!


Currently I'm reading Jane Eyre... might not make it to the finish line because I'm at the point where I always just want to stop. Alternating it with Michael Nethercott's The Haunting Ballad -- with Beat poets, Irish balladeers, and a mystery in Greenwich Village in the 1950s. Quite the rollicking contrast!


I spent most of my (little!) reading time this past weekend reading short stories--I have been reading one story a week from Infinite Riches--a collection of stories by women (published by Virago originally) and it is most excellent! This weekend's story was by Attia Hosain, who is new to me, but now I must investigate her work. And I have also been reading a book by Eshkol Nevo called Homesick which is really good, too! Life has been crazy lately but I hope to get back to my blog reading routine and can't wait to catch up here and see what you have been reading--already I see books I must note down... :) Hope you are well, Cornflower!


Yep I am totally emersed in Jane Eyre and inbetween time carried away by a certain Ross Poldark. I found I just had to re read the book along with the stunning TV adaption just to keep me busy LOL.


I loved it, Jane!


In answer to a few of the comments above, Jane Eyre is much longer than I'd remembered it to be!


I hope all will be calmer soon, Joan.


Just started A Thousand Acres, Jane Smiley, only a few chapters in but early signs 'an outstanding read', enjoying it very much. Have My Beautiful Friend on order, The Neapolitan Trilogy, Ferrante.

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