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Joan Kyler

I'm so sorry we didn't go to Abbotsford when we were in Edinburgh years ago. If we ever go back to Scotland, Abbotsford will definitely be on the itinerary.


Oh, Thank you Cornflower. You opened a box full of good memories this morning,dating back to the seventies, when I last visited Abbotsford and stroked Maida.


Yes, it's certainly worth a visit, and it's in a lovely part of the country with plenty of other 'attractions' nearby.


That's lovely, Cath!


I visited Abbotsford once, as a teenager with my parents in the mid-70's because Scott was one of my dad's favourite authors.
After all these years it is a bit of a blur but I do remember the statue of Maida and also promising my dad that I would actually read some Scott to find out why he liked his work so much.
I'm ashamed to say that 40 years down the line, I still haven't read a single work by him! Does anyone know which would be the best of his books to try first?


I haven't read him either, Liz, but this post might provide a pointer for you (and me!):

Mr Cornflower

The one I enjoyed most was "Heart of Midlothian", but "Old Mortality" is pretty good too.


Thank you both! I am currently reading Kipling (another of my dad's favourites) but I will definitely look out for Heart of Midlothian (or another accessible book) when I am looking for another classic read to improve my education!

Fran H-B

I too was taken to Abbotsford in the early 70's as a young teenager. I still have a set of postcards of the house; rather delightful pencil drawings. But I am sad to say I can't remember much. Seeing your photos has certainly made me want to revisit.


I visited once years ago and remembered only Scott's study, and the entrance hall filled with arms and armour. The recent refurbishment has been a big undertaking, witness the Queen's visit to reopen the house when work was complete:


Thank you for the lovely photographs. I would love to walk into the library. I expect the atmosphere was wonderful. The portrait of Ginger appears to capture his personality. He must have been a treasure. Thank you for the advice on which book to read first. I have been thinking about reading one of Scott's books for a while but for some reason I haven't faced the task of choosing which one... until now!

Place to Stand

Utterly stunning and what a library - thank you for such lovely photographs..

I have just been given the Patrick Gale

Carol S

I visited a couple of years ago, and found it fascinating including seeing Scott's lectern-like writing desk. So very much work produced there and he wrote it all standing up.
I've enjoyed a lot of Scott but in my young days: Quentin Durward, Guy Mannering, Ivanhoe and several others. Time for a reread I think!

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