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Love O Douglas. My copies are the Greyladies reprints & a few eBooks. Your copies are just lovely, beautiful cover art.

Dixie Lee

O you lucky duck! Her books are few and far between in the US, in fact, devotee of bookshops that I am, I've never seen one. Congratulations on a great find, hope you enjoy them.

Fran H-B

Think you are in for some delightful, gentle reading time. Something I cherish. Great finds.


And O Douglas is such a favourite of mine ! Found her via lyn of I Prefer Reading and always grateful for particular favourite is Pink Sugar...the covers of your finds are in such beautiful condition, very lucky find!

Joan Kyler

Nice books in lovely jackets. The department store we went to in the 1960s had a book section. It's my recollection that it was mostly paperbacks, but it could have been that those were the only ones I bought. I bought a lot of Signet Classics there, great little books.


What a lucky find! I love O Douglas and often re-read her books.


We used to have a branch of Binns in Harrogate when I first came to live here in the late 70's and I am fairly sure that there was a very small book department there then.
Those are lovely looking books - I don't think that I have come across O.Douglas before - another name to put into my notebook.


I've never read anything by her - but what lovely jackets. No wonder you were tempted.

Deborah Vass

I hadn't heard of her, but will now certainly seek her out. How true your comment about "Nice books about nice people"and my recent discovery of D.E Stevenson is another such writer - a real joy.

Ursula Buchan

It is such a pleasure to me that keen readers still seek out O. Douglas novels, even though she has been dead since 1948. She was, in her day, almost as famous as her brother as an author, in Scotland at least. Her books are usually highly autobiographical and, if you know anything about the early life of John Buchan, who will catch echoes of it in several of his sister's books, especially in The Setons and Eliza for Common. My father, a son of John Buchan, features as the little boy, Bad Bill, in Pink Sugar, since Anna was his unmarried aunt. She gave him a farthing for every copy of the first edition published and he earned £25 - or so the family story goes. Ursula Buchan

Deborah Vass

Following this post, I managed to obtain a lovely copy of "Pink Sugar" - what bliss it was! Thank you so much for bringing her to my attention.

Jane Brackenridge

I have been captivated by the lives of the Buchans after reading Unforgettable Unforgotten. The poignant ending, with Anna facing another War but without an end, made her life story like that of one of her characters. I wanted to turn the page to find out what happened next. I have been so thankful to discover she died after the war ended, albeit by days, as this knowledge would have been a great relief for her. But I have not been able to find out how she died or where. Perhaps you might be able to tell me. Of course death is not the end, as Anna knows, it is just the beginning.

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