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Oh, are you a fellow Virgoan? I agree with you that Nigel seems to fit the way I appear to be. I, too, have taken note of the candle details and am envious of the tear of Frankincense, a perfume which I adore. In my childhood home there was a proper, cold, larder where the candles were stored since it was thought they might burn down more slowly if cold to begin with. They were not perfumed though, just the ordinary household candles kept for the times when the shilling ran out in the electricity meter. Happy days.


Yes, I'm a 'typical' Virgo!
I have various candles dotted about but I like the idea of a dedicated shelf for them.

Anne B-A

I am absolutely loving Christmas Chronicles. I have made the orange and poppy seed cake twice in the last week! Everyone loves it.


I must make that!


Two special mentions here, Nigel of course. This new book sounds irresistible
And your selection of a quote from John Muir. We visited Muir Woods National Monument just two years ago and it was a true highlight of our couple of days in San Francisco. So important to have these beautiful natural areas preserved.


Yes, indeed.

Someone reading The Christmas Chronicles

I am reading this with interest. He writes wonderfully. Of that there is no doubt . On the whole the ingredients are available and his recipes straighforward. An encouragement to embrace and welcome winter has to be applauded but and this is a big but the candles he recommends are very very expensive. Also my daughter gave me a candle he derides with the smelll of apple and cinnamon combined two years ago which is still giving pleasure at a fraction of the cost. A reality check is called for not all of us are so well off!


Scents are such a personal thing, aren't they?
To balance Nigel's candle indulgence, I noticed that elsewhere in the book he gives evidence of being a careful shopper, not willing to pay over the odds for certain things.


Yes, I eagerly researched his candle recommendations only to discover that Ciré Trudon candles cost £70 a pop. Most disappointing. Diptyque are about half that but it's still a ridiculous amount of money to spend on something you burn.


Yes I had a look at them too in Liberty's.
The domes over them smelt wonderful and I was all for grabbing a couple
when my husband alerted me to the price card behind them.


As we speak I am burning a small Coast Candle Company candle in the fragrance Salmon Bothy:
Not as expensive as Nigel's favourites but very pleasant.

Loretta Marvel

I am impatiently waiting for two copies (one for me and one for a sister for her Christmas gift) to arrive here in the states. Cannot wait!


Worth waiting for, Loretta!


Thanks for the recommendation -hopefully salmon bothies don't smell of salmon. I can recommend Feu de Bois by Diptyque which are also not as expensive as Nigel's. Wonderful fragrance of an open fire -lovely if you don't have such a thing.


I happen to have a Feu de Bois waiting to be used - lovely scent.
Salmon Bothy is similar and not at all salmon-y!


Is the book worth getting even if I wouldn't make many of the recipes? I would be buying it for the notes and stories. And have you read and enjoyed his other books? He sounds very interesting.


I'd say it is worth getting for the writing alone, Missi, and yes, I am a big fan of Nigel's and have a lot of his books.

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